Wonderful You

Written by Lisa Graff, Illustrated by Ramona Kaulitzki

ISBN13: 9781984837387


Brought to you by OBS Reviewer jerjen


Before you were with us, we already knew that the thing most worth doing was waiting for you.

So begins this warm and loving picture book all about the joy of waiting for a new baby to be born. Month by month, parents and families of all sorts watch the baby-to-be grow, from a sweet pea to a mango and eventually to a pumpkin–until finally, the babies are born as their wonderful little selves.

Perfect for any family expecting a new bundle of joy, this book celebrates the anticipation and happiness that only a baby can bring. (Goodreads)


This picture book tells the story of parents waiting for their newborn to make their way into the world.  It goes from the baby being the size of a pea, a fig, a plum all the way to a pumpkin.  As literal as children can be, I worry that they might be thinking their mom’s might be growing fruit instead of a baby.  I know why the author used these images, I am not sure it worked so well.  The one thing that did work was the message that the baby is loved and wanted.  That no matter what, just being themselves is enough. 

The illustrations are colorful and engaging.  All sorts of families are illustrated and show that waiting for a baby is the same, no matter what your circumstances are and where you come from.  

I think this book would be good as a baby shower gift and also for parents who have other children.  It is a good reminder of how much we love our children, and that is a good thing.