Wolfe’s Hope

Breeds, Book #10

Wolf Breeds, Book #2

By Lora Leigh

ISBN# 1843603241

Author’s Website:  http://www.loraleigh.com/

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

wolfes-hope-breeds-lora-leighHope was born by an evil person with no true feelings.  Her mother was one of the scientists in the Breed labs.  But not only that, she forced Hope, only a teenager at the time, into one of the male’s cells.  Her mom was giddy when she realized that Wolfe had mated her, had marked her.  She forced Hope back into his cell again and again trying to get him to breed with her so she can use their offspring as her own army.  However, Wolf refused to touch Hope in such a way, no matter how she begged from the effects their mating was having on her body.  She was too young and he didn’t want to hurt her.

The labs exploded one night and many Breeds were killed.  Hope thought that Wolfe had escaped and would be coming for her, but he never did.  Her mother assured her that Wolfe was dead.  But the sexual need never left Hope, even now, 6 years later.

Then Hope is kidnapped, by her mate she thought was dead.  He’s been fed lies by her mother and will torture her with denied pleasure until she admits to him what she doesn’t even know.  Will she ever be able to convince him that she’s telling the truth and wasn’t plotting with her mother?

I was shocked with how short this book was.  It wasn’t even novella length.  I was able to read it all in one setting, on an ereader with a dying battery, no less!  When I got to the end, I thought I had received an incomplete ebook because it was so short!  This really shouldn’t have been considered book 10, but 9.5 instead.  It was nowhere near full book length.

I did enjoy what I read of the book, but I just didn’t feel it was their full story.  If we had gotten more about this couple, I’m sure I’d have been able to rate it much higher.  I felt like I was just introduced to them and they disappeared before I could really get to know them.