Wolf Rain

Psy-Changeling Trinity, Book #3

By Nalini Singh

ISBN# 9781984803597

Author’s Website:  https://nalinisingh.com/

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

Alexei has never gotten over his brother, Brodie, going rogue and slaughtering his mate.  Unfortunately, going rogue runs in his family and seems to occur after mating.  Their grandfather and father both went rogue, which led to Alexei and Brodie to make a pact to never mate.  However, Brodie couldn’t deny his mate when she came into his life and now they’re both dead.  Alexei knows what will happen if he ever mates.  Therefore, he knows that he never will.  The family line *will* end with him.

Alexei heard her anguish and pain.  It led him to a hidden prison within SnowDancer territory.  A small malnourished empath had been locked inside a tiny bunker without any of them knowing.  Had she not projected her grief so loudly, she may have never been found.  Her pet had been locked away with her and had recently passed away, causing her insurmountable pain.  Alexei knows he must move quickly before her jailer returns so he wastes no time in taking her to the nearby empathetic compound.  The wolves will make sure the man responsible is rightfully punished.  And, Lexie has every intention of being a part of that punishment.

Memory watched Renault murder her mother when she was only seven years old.  He has kept her as a prisoner ever since.  Now, she finally has a taste of freedom and she never wants to go back.  However, the wolf that saved her thinks she’s an empath, he doesn’t realize she’s something much darker.  She has the ability to make monsters, like Renault, into better monsters.  It’s why he refuses to let her go and the reason she knows he will never give up on finding her.

How I picture Alexei ‘the golden wolf’ in his animal form. Picture source

I always enjoy the wolves and Alexei was no exception!  My heart hurt for him and the pain and death that has surrounded him his whole life.  He only allows himself to live a shell of a life since his brother’s death in hopes of keeping himself sane.

I’m not a big fan of the Psy in general, but they’re getting better now that Silence has fallen and they’re allowed to feel emotions again.  Although I don’t think, Memory was ever truly silent.  It’s good to see her develop into her own person and learn to live.

This was an okay read.  It wasn’t my favorite, but not the worst either.  Like I said, I truly enjoy the wolves.  This book wasn’t as steamy as some of the others have been because Alexei saw that he needed to take things slow with Memory (smart wolf). 

It looks like the Psy are definitely on the right track as far as trying to fix the PsyNet is concerned.  However, it appears more evil is ahead as well.   I’m curious to see what and who they discover next and what dangers are uncovered.

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