John Scalzi – The Winners and Losers of ’00s SciFi Movies

As we continue our look through a decade of science fiction, it becomes evident that in the past ten years there have emerged winners and losers in the field. Who and what are they?

WINNER: Uwe Boll.

LOSER: Video Game Movies

WINNER: Will Smith. Four scifi movies in the ’00s (Men in Black II, I, Robot, I Am Legend, Hancock) and $820 million in domestic box office.

LOSER: Vin Diesel.

WINNER: J.J. Abrams. Look, I may kvetch about the science in this year’s Star Trek being somewhere between “bad” and “mentally deficient lemurs are smarter than this,” but you know what? The Star Trek franchise was so saddled with with overexhausted mediocrity that reviving it — and making it fun again — qualifies as a minor miracle. So props where they’re deserved. Also: Cloverfield? Most awesome monster movie of the decade (that wasn’t named The Host). Oh, and Alias and Lost were OK, too.

LOSER: George Lucas and the Wachowski Brothers. Both used the decade to grind their franchises into befuddled irrelevance.

WINNER: The End of the World as We Know It.

LOSER: Humorous Live Action Science Fiction. I mean intentionally funny. Stop talking to me about G.I. Joe. Seriously, what have we got for the decade? The Stepford Wives? Evolution? The Adventures of Pluto Nash? Even Men in Black II wasn’t all that. If it wasn’t for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind we’d have nothing — and that’s not even “ha ha” comedy; it’s “Huh, now I have to think” comedy. Fortunately, we did have:

WINNER: Animated Science Fiction

LOSER: Science Fiction Based on Books.

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LOL@Vin Diesel being a loser. I agree. I love Will Smith though.

And JJ Abrams is the shit, period. I love just about anything that man can come up with.

Humorous live action science fiction – G.I. Joe <– who else laughed when we found out a movie was being made? I was doubled over in laughter.

What do you think of the winners and losers? Any you want to add to the list?