Chapters 10-12- By Britta

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Laurels Mom

Places Visited

Laurel’s house

David’s house

The Dance


Laurel and David explore further the idea that she could be an evolved plant. David suggests that he test her cells (via swabbing her mouth) with his microscope. He takes a sample of her blood, and checks her pulse and heartbeat. David observes that her cells are plant cells, and that she has no pulse or heartbeat. David wonders whether she even has a heart.

Laurel and David share their first kiss after she becomes overwhelmed at the thought that her body is ‘dead.’ Laurel explains that with everything else going on, she cannot take on a relationship as well. David vows to wait for her. The next day, David presents Laurel with research he’s conducted on the venus fly trap, and its appetite of flies. He connects this with Laurel’s diet consisting of vegetables and sugar. He explains that, like a plant, she gains nutrients from foods which do not contain fats. David also explains that her skin absorbs carbon dioxide as a leaf would; he doesn’t believe that she needs to breath in oxygen as a human would. They time each other on how long they can hold their breath: David tanks before long, and Laurel holds hers for three minutes and twenty eight seconds. David makes her aware that her arms do not contain the markings of veins that humans have. He invites Laurel to the costume dance, and convinces her that her petals can be disguised as costume wings. Laurel says that she will consider it.

Laurel goes to the library to research faeries. As she searches through Wikipedia, Chelsea appears behind her proclaiming her love for faeries. Laurel tells Chelsea that she is researching for her costume for the dance. Chelsea insists that Laurel research at her house because of her high speed internet access; but Laurel, fearing that Chelsea will connect the dots, chooses against convenience.

Laurel still has not found anything corresponding to her condition in her research, only legends and myths.



“You don’t have a heartbeat, Laurel. You probably don’t even have a heart” (David, Chapter 10).

“I love faeries…I have like, ten books all about faeries and pictures on my ceiling…Why are you looking up faeries?” (Chelsea, Chapter 11).

“‘Hey, this fell off when you stopped dancing, I figured you’d want it back.’ He handed her a long white-blue petal” (A Senior, Chapter 12).


1. What were your thoughts on her petals fading away so quickly?

2. Do you believe her petals will come back sooner than anticipated, or that other faerie attributes will start to appear?

3. Why do you think information about ‘real’ faeries is so scarce? Do you feel as if some of the myth’s are true?

4. Do you think Laurel will turn out to be the first of her particular kind? A special breed?

5. Would you be ecstatic to find out you are a faerie, or would it freak you out?

6. What do you think of Chelsea at this point? Curious, or suspiciously clingy?

7. What are your favorite scenes or Quotes?