5 star rating
Windwood Farm
Taryn’s Camera Series, Book #1
 By Rebecca Patrick-Howard
ISBN# 9781497550353
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windwood-farm-taryns-camera-rebecca-patrick-howardThis is an absolutely wonderful book and I didn’t want to put it down.  It was exciting and sad but it was uplifting too. It takes you to the past and how it can affect your future. It was mystery and intrigue that will keep you on your toes until the very last page. It was well worth the 5 yrs that it took Rebecca Patrick-Howard to write it. I am really looking forward to the others in this series.

Tayrn’s best friend is her camera, her passions are old buildings and farms. With the click of the camera and some paint, the buildings are brought back to it’s glory days on canvas.  Tayrn’s passion is also the cause of a lot of her pain, as a child Tayrn can see and feel things that others couldn’t.

So when she saw the picture of Winwood Farms in her email it called to her and she accepted the assignment not realizing that this could very well be the last painting she would ever do or the beginning of something that would take her places that few have ever been.

There is something about this house and Tayrn is going to find out the truth. When Tayrn went into the house there was a darkness that she just couldn’t shake and when she tried to go up the stairs it felt as if she was going to smother. Tayrn never believed in ghost but she does believe there’s a presence here.

There is little left in the house except in one room and that’s the upstairs bedroom. One day after taking pictures of the downstairs, she just couldn’t believe what she saw. The pictures are not of an empty downstairs but had furniture, dollies as if it was there today.

Suddenly Tayrn got deathly sick and thinking maybe it’s a cold.  She shook it off but never in her wildest dreams did she imagine that she’d end up in the hospital from being poisoned. Suddenly she knew that more was going on then her imagination. Someone didn’t want her finding out the truth of Windwood Farms’ past and would stop at nothing to keep the truth hidden.

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