5 star rating
Wicked Highlander
Dark Sword, Book #3
By Donna Grant
ISBN# 9780312381240
Author’s Website:  http://www.donnagrant.com/

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wicked-highlander-dark-swords-donna-grantQuinn MacLeod has been captured by the evil Drough, Deidre, and she has imprisoned Quinn in her mountain.  She has thrown him into the pit with the other Warriors she’s trying to break and plans to keep him there until he will agree to bed her and give her the child of prophecy.  The child that will house all the evil of the world and will help her in her quest to rule the world, with Quinn by her side of course!

But when she can’t tame her recently captured Druid, Marcail, Deidre throws her into the pit for a terrifying and painful death for the Druid.  But Deidre never expected Quinn to save Marcail and to hide and protect her, even from the likes of Deidre.

But Quinn is running out of time as Deidre is tired of waiting for him to submit to her will, and she is resorting to drastic measures.  Will Quinn’s brothers be able to get there and save him in time?  Or will Quinn, Marcail, and the world be doomed forever?

This was another great Donna Grant read!  I had found myself a little bored with the previous installment of the series, Forbidden Highlander.  But that was not the case with Wicked Highlander!  It drew me in right away and never let go!

I actually read Grant’s spin-off series, Dark Warriors, before reading this series, not knowing they were connected until after I had started!  So needless to say I was familiar with Quinn and Marcail before reading this book.  But I’ll be honest; I always found them to be a bit dull and unremarkable, always just blending into the background for me, never really standing out.  This book gave me a new appreciation for the couple, and made me fall in love with Quinn!  I loved the sacrifices he was willing to make for those that pledged allegiance to him, and especially for those he loves!  His pain and torment were palpable in this book and the emotion just bled through the pages!  And, as you probably know by now from my previous reviews, I completely feed on emotions in my reading!

This was a wonderful read and a perfect example of why I have fallen in love with Donna Grant’s writing!  If you haven’t checked out these Warriors, then you definitely should!

QuinnImage Credit: http://www.donnagrant.com

Hot Damn!  If I hadn’t fallen for Quinn already, I sure would have after seeing that picture!  You should probably go now … I need a few minutes alone with Quinn … lol.