5 star rating
Who’s There?
A Nurseryland Mystery
By Herschel Cozine
ISBN# 9781611875584

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Nurseryland’s best (and only) private eye has been involved in many cases surrounding nursery rhyme and fairy tale victims, but this is the most baffling of all.

How does one find a person who isn’t there? This is the daunting task that Nathaniel P. Osgood III faces when he reluctantly accepts the case.

Searching throughout Nurseryland, Osgood makes the discovery that the little man he is looking for has not been at many places. Unreliable witnesses who claim to have not seen the little man who wasn’t there all over town add to Osgood’s frustration. In desperation, Osgood resorts to deception to resolve the case to his client’s satisfaction.

An all-new Nurseryland short mystery!


Nursery rhymes are sometimes too short for ones delight. This might be why I have come to like author Herschel Cozine’s short stories because for a moment he gives us more of it in his writing and creates the world, Nurseryland.

It is always good to see the characters you know in new adventures and this time around they did not fail to surprise. I found this short story to have more of a sense of fun to it than the previous one of Humpty Dumpty, which was also good, but its ending is what gives you a smile and keeps you smiling even after it has ended. The way Nurseryland’s very own P.I. finds the way to solve his client’s problems with the use of a very practical tool was quite a twist that I didn’t expect and liked.

All in all, Who’s There? was a good read and I recommended it to grown-ups and teens alike. It’s an entertaining read and before you notice it will be over. So take a visit to Nurseryland and seek the services of P.I. Nathaniel P. Osgood III.