3 Star rating
Who Wants To Marry A Doctor?
With This Ring, Book #2
By Abigail Sharpe
ISBN# 9781455528783
Author’s Website:  http://abigailsharpe.com/

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The Doctor Is In . . . 

As a single mom and pediatrician, Sabrina Bankhead doesn’t have time for romance. All that changes when she reluctantly agrees to take part in a dating show fundraiser for a children’s hospital. But once she sets eyes on the journalist hired to cover the show, none of the four contestants stand a chance. If she doesn’t choose one of the eligible bachelors, the hospital doesn’t raise a cent. What’s a lovestruck doc to do?

Investigative journalist Quinn Donnelly is on the mend after an assignment in Afghanistan left him both physically and emotionally scarred. Though he’s itching to return overseas and finish his story, he’ll have to be content with this fluff piece assignment to cover a local dating show. One-night stands are Quinn’s forte-but after he meets Sabrina, he’s ready to say yes for the long haul. After years of chasing the next big story, Quinn is starting to wonder if maybe home really can be where the heart is . . .


I like the premise of this book.  The story started off really strong.  Quinn Donnelly is a strong, silent type of guy.  Used to action and a fast paced life who has been sidelined from his overseas assignment in Afghanistan as a result of an injury.  Now he is relegated to this assignment until he has physically recovered enough to return overseas.  What Quinn did not expect was to have such an immediate spark with Sabrina….and he did.  The scene where Quinn walks into Shy Ann’s (local bar) and first catches a glimpse of Sabrina and Sabrina catches her first glimpse of Quinn ….you just know both Quinn and Sabrina will be having a challenge sticking to the host / participant rolls in the upcoming TV show Who Wants to Marry a Doctor?  The sparks were sure flying!

Quinn won my respect when it was stated:

“Intelligence and good humor danced in her green eyes, those two things a bigger turn on than any half-dressed bar floozy.” 

About ½ way through the book you can sense Quinn’s slowly changing attitudes….

”But for the life he’d chose, Sabrina could have been there with them. But that didn’t mean it couldn’t change.”  

I think this is the first real sign that Quinn is falling in a meaningful way for Sabrina.

The book did follow the standard format…girl likes boy, boy likes girl, each does not admit to the other their feelings, big disappointment for each and then some event occurs where they get a chance to admit their feelings.  It was a bit cliché….but then again, why mess with a winning formula.  So if nothing else, this was predictable.

I appreciated the persistence that Sabrina displayed in not exposing her young son to the upheaval as a result of the TV show and her dating…..a very responsible and mature show of parenting I thought.  I also enjoyed the twist between Rachel and Sabrina, which added a surprise and new dimension.  And the liaisons between Quinn and Sabrina….hubba hubba….that is all I have to say.   And of course, throw in an ex just to confuse things.  And lest we forget, Sabrina’s sister Melora is a hoot!!!  She is my all-time favorite book bartender.

The books handling of various issues such as being and unwed parent and stress disorders were handled with care and fit right into the story in a believable manner.

All in all, a predictable story but told in a very entertaining, sensual, funny, realistic manner.  I look forward to the previous installment…Who Wants to Marry a Cowboy?

*OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*