Whispers in the Dark

KGI, Book #4

By Maya Banks

ISBN# 9780425246108

Author’s Website:  http://mayabanks.com/

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

Shea and her sister have been on the run ever since the men broke into their home and murdered their parents.  They want Shea and Grace for their abilities, Shea’s telepathy and Grace’s ability to heal people.  They don’t know who these men are, only that they’re bad.  The girls have separated to keep each other safe.  They must stay alert and always on the run.  However, even with all the trouble they’re facing, Shea can’t ignore the solider she keeps hearing in her mind.  He’s been captured by the enemy, starved and tortured.  He’s starting to lose hope.

Nathan doesn’t know who the woman in his head is or if she’s even real.  He feels his sanity is slipping.  Shea has been taking his pain away from him though and even helped him escape.  But now he’s back home with his family and he no longer hears Shea.  Did he imagine it all?  But if she isn’t real then how did his brother receive the emails telling them all that he had told Shea to tell them so they could find him?

Nathan hasn’t been the same since his brothers rescued him.  He was once so sure of himself and knew exactly what he wanted to do once his time in the army was up.  He wanted to join KGI and work with his brothers.  But now he has no clue what he wants and if he will ever be ready to join KGI.  He has even lost the closeness he had his twin, Joe.  Joe just doesn’t understand all that he’s been through and everybody looks at him with pity in their eyes.

Then he hears Shea, she’s frightened, she escaped a group of men that had captured, drugged, and tortured her.  They want information on how to find Grace.  She’s escaped, but they’re fast on her heels.  Nathan uses their telepathic channel to help her evade her pursuers and quickly jumps into action to find and protect her, leaving without telling his brothers a thing, even though he took one of their jets!

Once Nathan finds Shea he quickly realizes he never wants to be apart from her again.  However, her enemies are very real and he will need the help of his brothers if they are ever going to keep her safe and find her sister.

I wanted to like this book, and parts of it, I did enjoy, but there were some pretty dull areas of the story as well.  For example, after Nathan was rescued, he went home and was moping around about losing his connection to Shea.  I was really bummed we didn’t get more of a reaction from his brothers when they finally got him back, I would have liked some story from their points of view, specifically the horror of seeing what was done to Nathan.  Instead, the novel immediately skipped ahead six months.

The book got interesting whenever Shea needed rescuing (yes there were a couple of times).  Let’s face it, that’s where the Kelly brothers really excel!  Unfortunately, the search for Grace was incredibly boring.

Shea was a pretty weak character, she’s one that will always need a knight in shining armor, even though she will do anything to protect her man, no matter what the cost to herself.  I find the whole telepathy thing kind boring in books anyway.

I liked Nathan.  I really sympathized with him and his struggles on how to return to normal life, after capture.  He had sweet moments with Shea, but I also found him to be too domineering at times.  You need a shower and then let me see all your wounds, which of course requires her to be nude …. And this is when they first met face-to-face.  Not to mention I felt he’s a bit young to be so demanding of someone, he’s barely more than a kid. He was also very possessive and insisted they would never be apart again, without even asking what her opinion of it all was.  I found they fell victim to insta-love as well and went to a sexual place way to quickly to be believable.

I loved the brothers’ teasing and camaraderie as usual.  I’m really interested in seeing Van’s book.  He’s my favorite of the Kelly brothers.

It appears that Grace’s rescue won’t be until the next book, and I highly expect Rio to be her love interest considering how quickly he volunteered his team to go hunt for her.

This was an okay read, but I hope the next one is much better!