Where Winter Finds You

Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book #17.5

By J.R. Ward

ISBN# 9781982135478

Author’s Website:  http://jrward.com/

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

Trez has been devastated since the passing of his shellan, Selena.  Everybody is worried about him.   And with nothing left to live for, he’s even becoming suicidal, at times.

His brother, iAm, has recently hired a new waitress, Therese, who is the spitting image of Selena.  Trez is convinced his queen has somehow come back to him. 

Therese has left her family after discovering she was adopted.  She feels betrayed by those she loved and is determined to make a life for herself.  She’s working at Sal’s trying to save up enough money to get out of the horrible rooming house she’s living in.  Trez has offered her a place, but she is determined to do things on her own.

Once Trez shows his interest in Therese, she can’t deny the attraction she feels for the sexy shadow.  It feels as if she already knows him, not to mention she’s convinced he’s her shadow lover that appears in her dreams.

However, she is devastated when she learns the truth behind Trez’s past.  She feels used and completely heartbroken.  She tells him she never wants to see him again.  However, who can she turn to when tragedy strikes?

I’ve never been a huge fan of Trez and iAm so I wasn’t sure how to feel about this book.  I was pleasantly surprised, however.  I found that I really enjoyed this story.  My heart hurt for Trez and the grieving and loss he was experiencing.

I liked Therese.  However, I thought she fell under Trez’s spell rather quickly.  I also thought she majorly overreacted to the news that she was adopted.  She left in a huff without giving anybody a chance to explain and leaving no way for them to contact her.   I have to admit that I completely agreed with her brother on the whole situation.  Speaking of, I really enjoyed Gareth and can’t wait to see him get a book and a happily ever after of his own!  Although I’m sure, we’ll have to wait for a while on that one.

I wasn’t sure how Lassiter would do with his new job title.  It was fun seeing his first real miracle play out.  And, he was so incredibly humble about it to. Ha ha!

This was an enjoyable read and I can’t wait for my next visit back to Caldwell, which will hopefully be soon!