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Where The Heart Leads

What The Hearts Wants, Book #2

By Jeanell Bolton

ISBN # 9781455557271

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A woman’s past…

A new beginning. It’s the only thing former child star Moira Farrar wants. Putting her painful Hollywood memories in the rearview mirror, she’s headed to Texas and to an exciting new job directing a small-town theater group. But it’s the sinfully sexy smile of red-headed rancher Rafe McAllister that makes Moira really dream of starting over—even though she knows that anything more than a fling would set the stage for heartbreak.

A cowboy’s future…

When Rafe buried his wife three years ago, he buried his heart along with her. Now, the only woman in his life is his daughter . . . and all of the women in Bosque Bend know that. But from the moment he lays eyes on Moira, he feels alive again. Maybe it’s her quick wit and clear-eyed compassion. Whatever it is, Rafe wants Moira, body and soul. So why is she so skittish? Rafe aims to find out—before his second chance at happiness rides off into the sunset…


When Moira Farrar heads to Texas, leaving Hollywood behind, she is leaving for a new job opportunity. She is hoping to prove that she can handle directing a theatre group so they will offer her a permanent position. She needs the job to support herself and her family, and to proof to herself and everyone else that she can be successful without the glitz of Hollywood behind her. She is not looking for or expecting to meet someone special. She has been married before and that did not work out so well and she has no desire to go down that road again.

Rafe McAllister is a rancher, an architect and the chairman of the theater group. He is also a widower with a young daughter. When his wife died, Rafe was sure he would never find another person to share his life with. He has devoted his life to his ranch and his daughter. But when he meets Moira, he finds that he cannot stop thinking about her and she gives him hope that maybe he can have a second chance at love. But he knows it will not be easy convincing her to take a leap of faith with him.

The characters are well developed and well rounded. They both have problems from their pasts that they are still dealing with, which makes it difficult for them to trust in each other and in a relationship. They both need to deal with their past difficulties before they can move forward together. I felt for both of them and I was cheering for them to work things out. I enjoyed reading about the relationship between Rafe and his daughter, Delilah. There were many heartfelt moments between them and it added a lot to the story.

I have to say that I did feel that there were a few too many characters in the book. I started getting them confused in my head and had a hard time keeping track of them at times. This is only my opinion and other readers may not feel this way, but to me there was an excess of characters.

The writing style flows smoothly and the book is an easy read. The author is talented in descriptive writing and she brought the small town setting to life in my mind. I felt like I was right there, watching the activities happening all around me. Small town settings are some of my favorites in books that I read, and this author did a great job creating that atmosphere.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well-crafted women’s fiction. There is romance, mystery, steaminess and warmhearted moments perfectly woven together to make for an enjoyable read.

*OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*