Peter McEllhenney over at Examiner has this to say about vamps:

Stoker’s vampire is a predator, not a seducer. Certainly his looks aren’t calculated to heat desire. Dracula is described as “a tall, thin man, with a beaky nose and a black moustache and pointed beard … His face was not a good face; it was hard, and cruel, and sensual, and his big white teeth, that looked all the whiter because his lips were so red, were pointed like an animal’s.”

Dracula behaves like a predator, too. He attacks by stealth and leaves his prey with little memory of the assault. His hunger is also that of a predator. After he has drained a victim, Dracula is sated like an animal that has gorged on meat, not like a lover who exhausted himself with sexual coupling. Only the hunger of the female vampires in the novel, described as “voluptuous,”.

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I’m liking that he is talking about the original vampires. Not the new vamps that are as he calls them Dreamboats. I think the new generation often thinks that Stephenie Meyer started the vampire books. Although she may have helped to bring it back, that is all.

Have you read Dracula before? Do you prefer it better than the Dreamboat vamps?