4 star rating
When Camels Fly
By NLB Horton
ISBN# 9780991401710
Author’s Website:   https://www.NLBHorton.com

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Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000031_00001]Synopsis:

A mother’s fatal shot.  A daughter’s deadly choice.

In Israel, archaeologist Grace Madison shoots her daughter’s abductor. Seconds later, a handsome shepherd drops from the sky to kill a second assassin. Their world crumbles in two blinks of an eye.

Unbeknownst to them, a fierce evil is destroying everything in its path—the unconventional path Grace and Maggie, a hydrologist, take as they struggle to right a wrong as old as time. But they soon discover time is running out. A vortex of intrigue and espionage threatens to sweep away everything and everyone they hold dear, extinguishing old flames even as it ignites new loves.

When the scale tips precariously toward disaster in the Middle East and beyond, family and friends with secrets of their own are exposed and millions of lives hang in the balance. Mother and daughter realize nothing is as it seems.

Even each other.

Because choosing what’s right is all that’s left.


I love the writing style, it just grabbed me and would not let go, in spite of the fact that this is not a usual genre for me.  I loved close to the beginning where Maggie and Grace are racing underground, having been dumped in a cistern – beneath the city of David.  Their race to escape the rising waters was so well written…I felt like I was racing for survival as well.
The story really brought home the love for one’s child/children.  Grace would do anything for her child Maggie (her adult child).  This instinct never leaves a parent.  This love also extended to family as Mark and Jeff (husband to Grace and son of Grace) whom also join the search to locate and rescue Grace and Maggie.
When intrigue and espionage are introduced to a story, it cannot help but be an exciting read.  My knowledge, or should I say lack of current knowledge, about the Middle East was not a deterrent to my enjoyment of the story telling.  The underlying premise is that Maggie was kidnapped in the first place to begin with was that she stumbled across anomalies with the underground water tables.  What was happening?  Maggie used her vast knowledge along with many “secret” spy agencies and operatives to develop a plan to save the water from being held hostage by the bad guys.  I quite liked the fact that some of the spies on this mission were retired and aged into the 70’s and 80’s.  A good operative is hard to retire 🙂
I also really enjoyed the use of humor.  I was caught smiling and laughing numerous times.  And what would any good adventure be without some romantic entanglements?  Both of Grace’s children are stunted socially (Grace’s thoughts, not mine) and so when love strikes for not just one but both children….this reader felt satisfied, if Maggie and Jeff can find love, than all is possible.
I truly loved that in all the year’s that Grace was married, she did not catch on to the true nature of Mark’s work.  Really????  But then, if he was so good at what he was…why would you catch on?  And then to find out that Jeff is also a spy part-time.  The portrayal of the women in the story as strong, intelligent, capable women was really great. 
If I could have given the book 4.5 stars – I would have.
I highly recommend When Camels Fly!
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