3 Star rating
War of the Gods
By H.L. Wampler         
Author’s Website:   http://hlwampler.wordpress.com/

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Synopsis from Goodreads/Amazon:

war-of-the-gods-wamplerShe was born a goddess but raised as a mortal.

20-year old Cara Grey is as far from normal and she doesn’t know it yet. Her life changes in ways she never dreamed when her migraines transport her to another time and place. She eventually realizes that nothing is ever what it seems and her life has been nothing but lies. Cara is informed that she’s the only hope for all humankind. Not even the great Greek Gods can stop the coming doom.

Leaving behind everything, she heads to Greece for what she thought was a family vacation. Meeting the gorgeous twins Adrian and Adronis was more than luck. It was planned. What wasn’t planned was Cara and Adrian falling in love.

Time is short. The world is crumbling around her. Cara must save humanity and her budding relationship, or lose everyone and everything she loves.


This read was like visiting ancient Greece and returning to high school all over again.  I was pleasantly surprised when the story turned to Greek mythology and I remembered more than I figured I would.

I must also say that I find the cover of the book does not seem to fit the story.  Yes, there is a love story between Cara and Adrian, but I did not feel that was the main premise of the story, at least as I saw it.  It is interesting but I think the ancient building should be more dominant than the man and woman as Cara is charged with saving humanity as the world is crumbling.

I found the story engaging and kept my interest, taking me away in my imagination to Greece.  The main character was developed well for a short story and as a reader we got to experience her journey between present and past in a comfortable, easy to follow path.  Her way of communicating was typical teenager and relatable.

The flow was, I must say, at some points, confusing.  Transitions were not always smooth – for example: at one third of the way through the book, Cara is leaving the area after having killed the Minotaur then there is a section break of a row of “****” and in the next paragraph, Adronis, Adrian and Cara are walking up the Acropolis.  I found this transition from one scene to the next to be the most incongruous.  There are a few more instances but not nearly as difficult to see the flow in the story.

Overall, an enjoyable afternoon read, bringing back the teaching of high school mythology in an entertaining manner. Not an overly complex or thought provoking read, just light and entertaining.