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Janie Hannagan
Cabel Strumheller
Carrie Brandt
Melinda Jeffers
Miss Stubin

Short Summary (First half of the novel): Janie Hannagan is seventeen years old and lives on the bad side of town. Her mother is an alcoholic who checked out from raising her when she was a child and Janie had to become an adult even before she understood what that meant. Janie is attempting to juggle high school along with paying bills with one big secret thrown into the mix, making her life that much harder: she can go into people’s dreams. Janie has been able to venture into the dreams of those around her who happen to fall asleep since she was eight years old. She has never told anyone for fear of being shunned even more. That is until she forms a surprising friendship with the reclusive Cabel Strumheller and finally reveals her secret. But just as Janie thinks she’s found someone to trust both her secret and heart, Cabel ditches her without an explanation the night they were supposed to hang out. Rumors starts swirling of Cabel now dating Shay, one of the rich and popular cheerleaders. Janie is heartbroken and chooses to ignore Cabel as best as she can while at school while Cabel keeps attempting to talk to her. He’s apologized and wants to explain but Janie refuses to listen.

Favorite Scene: When Cabel has Janie ride on her skateboard and pushes her home. It was a sweet scene because it showed the good heart he has even when they didn’t really know each other.

Worse Scene: When Janie went into Carrie and Melinda’s dreams. They were too sexual and were pointless to the story.

Discussion Questions:
1. If you could enter people’s dreams like Janie would you want to?
2. What do you think was the real reason Cabel ditched Janie when they were supposed to hang out?
3. Do you think the way Janie is treating Cabel is fair? Do you think she should give him a chance to explain?
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