Janie learns after Martha Stubin’s death that they are alike. Janie has difficulty accepting there are other dream catchers.

Cabel shows up to explain his behavior but Janie has seen his dreams. She refuses to listen to Cabel but he continues to take care of her after she falls into dreams.

Janie tries to reach Martha Stubin in her dreams and she’s successful. Janie learns that she can control the dreams and help people find peace.

Cabel manages to draw Janie into his dream where he tells her he is in love with her. It takes a while, but Cabe finally explains his odd behavior.

Cabe introduces Janie to his boss who hopes Janie will work with them. Janie helps them close the case and then she’s offered a scholarship.

Don’t Dream It’s Over – Crowded House (1987)
Dreamland – Our Lady Peace (2010)
Metallica Enter Sandman

Favorite Scene: When Janie realizes Cabel has physical scars, she wants to see and touch them to show Cabel that he is accepted and loved for who he is.

Favorite Quote:
Janie’s feeling a bit reckless from the effects of the alcohol. “Carrie! Melinda’s a lesbian.

Didn’t you know?”


“She’s totally in love with you.”

“She is not.”


“How do you know?”

Janie hesitates.

She knows she shouldn’t say it.

But she does. “She dreams about you. I’ve seen her dreams.”

Discussion Questions:

How did you feel when Janie realized Marth Stubin is a dream catcher too?

Were you surprised that Janie could have more control over the dreams?

What did you think of Janie kissing Cabe’s scars?

What do you think of Cabe and Janie’s relationship? Is it a good thing for them?