5 star rating
Cainsville, Book #2
By Kelley Armstrong
ISBN#  9780525953050
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visions-cainsville-kelley-armstrongWOW!  Another delightful story in the Cainsville series!!  I cannot tell you how much I’m loving this franchise so far!!  It’s dark, imaginative, smart, and just plain fun!

Olivia and all her friends are back for another round in Visions.  Olivia and Gabriel have effectively cleared her parents’ names of two murders they were convicted of … just six more to go!!

Olivia is still working at the diner, much to Gabriel’s dismay now that he’s hired her on at his law firm.  It’s a part-time gig while she’s doing two jobs, but he’d really like her to work full-time for him!  But Olivia has been betrayed by Gabriel and doesn’t want to rely on him for her entire income.

Here lately Olivia has been seeing a lot of visions or hallucinations, death omens mostly.  So when she found a dead girl in her car that was dressed to look like her, she wasn’t sure if it was real!!  Then she called Gabriel, but by the time he got there the body was gone.  But the head later appears in her bed!!  Yes, there is definitely something strange going on in Cainsville, and it seems like a direct threat to Olivia.  It’s time her and Gabriel get to the bottom of it!

“I’m not leaving. You were attacked tonight, in case you’ve forgotten, and those locks on your door didn’t keep out a killer. Or me.”

I wasn’t sure which was worse. At least the killer had left.”

Meanwhile, Olivia’s ex (I knew we hadn’t seen the last of him) has decided that he wants Olivia back and he won’t take no for an answer!  But he has to get Gabriel and sexy biker, Ricky, out of the way first!  By any means necessary.

This is the second book in the Cainsville series, both of which look a bit daunting when you see the size of them.  But these books are so chock full of action and mystery that the pages just fly by.  I was so excited to see that Visions was even better that its predecessor, Omens.  There really wasn’t anything that I didn’t love about this book!

The characters, as quirky as they are, were all a ton of fun.  These people just seem so real and are people that I would love to know in real life!  I especially love Ricky and was so happy to see that he played a bigger role in this book.  I like what’s developing between Olivia and him, but definitely feel like she’s meant to be with Gabriel when it’s all said and done.  We shall see!

“I have a long night ahead of me. I’d like a coffee, and I suspect the Maserati will get me one faster than the Jetta.”

I could have pointed out that the short walk to the house would get him one even faster. As might his own car, waiting in the drive. But I looked at the keys, considering. He dangled them again, as if to say, “You want this–I know you do.”

Speaking of Gabriel, I still really like him too!  He’s had a lot to overcome in his past, and we get a little more insight to that in this installment!  About his childhood and how he had to survive on his own.  If anybody in this series deserves a happy ending, it’s definitely Gabriel!

Patrick is one of my favorites in this series as well.  He isn’t in this book quite as much as he was in the last installment, but his presence is still felt.  It really feels like everything is a big joke and he’s the only one that knows the punchline that’s coming up ahead!!  He definitely feels like the puppet master in it all!

This book delves more into the folklore that Omens touched upon.  What we learned of the fae was interesting, especially when it started talking about changelings!  Something about the myth of the changelings has always interested and entertained me.  So, I really do love that it was brought into this series!  Armstrong wrote the tale beautifully and I can’t wait to see it expanded on more in the future!

If you have not tried this series, you definitely should!  Didn’t like Women of the Otherworld?  No problem!  This series is nothing like WOTO (forgive me abbreviating it here).  Cainsville is just so much better than I could have ever hoped for!  Read it!  You will love it!  I do recommend starting with book one, Omens, though:)  Both books are well worth the read!

*OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*