By Colleen Hoover

ISBN# 9781791392796

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Some people move to Manhattan to be a part of it all, others like Lowen Ashleigh, move there to hide. 

“Here, I’m invisible. Unimportant. Manhattan is too crowded to give a shit about me, and I love her for it.”

And, no she isn’t a criminal or anything like that.  She’s an author that avoids interaction with others like the plague.  She’s been taking care of her mother who just lost her battle with cancer.  Lowen bought her apartment that was outside her means because her mother wanted to live there.  And, now Lowen is about to be evicted!

It’s the first time Lowen has been outside her apartment since her mom passed a few weeks ago.  And, she watched a man in front of her get hit by a car.  That’s when she met Jeremy.  He was so kind in a city that notices no one.  It turns out both she and Jeremy were headed to the same meeting.  A meeting where she was offered a job to finish out writing the last three novels in Verity Crawford’s successful book series.  Verity was recently in a car wreck and is unable to finish out her contract.  Verity is also Jeremy’s wife.

Jeremy invites Lowen to their home so she can go through Verity’s office and get the information she needs to finish out the book series.  Verity can’t speak or even walk.  She has the physical and mental capabilities of a newborn.  The family has suffered unthinkable tragedy.  The death of both their twin girls and now this.

While going through Verity’s office, Lowen finds an autobiography written by Verity.  It paints her in a rather ugly light.  Could she be responsible for her own daughter’s death?  Lowen decides to keep the manuscript hidden from Jeremy.  It would destroy him. 

However, the longer Lowen spends at the Crawford home, the closer her and Jeremy become.  But something isn’t right and Lowen starts wondering if Verity is actually faking her injuries or if she herself is losing her mind!

This is the second book I’ve read from this author.  And, I must say I’ve really enjoyed both books.  The emotion she can evoke in her stories is quite astonishing.  And, I love it.  I love books that can make me feel.

My heart broke for Jeremy in this book.  For him to lose both of his precious daughters and then to have to take care of his invalid wife.  He seemed like a wonderful man, a doting father and loving husband.

Then there is Verity.  Can someone really be as evil as she’s portrayed by her own words?  Who can hate their own children with such venom?

However, all is not what it seems.  There was a twist that I didn’t see coming and it makes you question everything! 

This was a great read and I can’t wait to pick up more books from this author, who is quickly becoming a favorite of mine!