Matthew Flamm writer for has written an article about how vampires are a cash cow for publishers:

For the first half of 2009, thanks to Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight vampire series, sales for Lagardere Publishing spiked 11% to 1 billion euros, or $1.4 billion dollars.

Ms. Meyer is published by New York based Hachette Book Group, a division of Lagardere Publishing, and by sister publishers overseas. Lagardere Publishing is part of French media giant Lagardere.

Earnings before interest and taxes for Lagardere Publishing surged 61% from year-ago levels to 112 million euros, or $161 million—an unheard of jump these days for a book company.

“Much of this growth was due to the success of the Stephenie Meyer saga, not only in the United States but also in France, the United Kingdom and Australia,” the company noted in a statement.

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Wow, I’m shocked by the numbers. I knew vampires were huge for the industry, but not that big.

Are you surprised by the numbers and money coming in?