By Lauren Barack over at School Library Journal:

A hybrid of vampire stories and educational reads are making up most of’s top-selling titles for teens as they head back to school and reluctantly shelve their summer fantasy tales.

Within the e-tailers top 25 bestsellers, a list that’s updated hourly, readers can find both a study guide for the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), alongside Stephenie Meyer’s vampire series, Twilight. Her third book in the storyline, Eclipse (Little, Brown, 2007), was just issued in paperback last month, and is currently being filmed for release next summer amid a flurry of teen interest and paparazzi, which is only fueling hunger for Meyer’s narrative about teen vampires in love.

Still, as summer reading gives way to class work, and required lists from English teachers appear in student backpacks across the country, it’s not surprising that many classics are muscling their way past their fantasy brethren.

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I know my English teacher is making us read for 20 minutes every Friday and I already know what im reading. Vampires, Vampires, and more Vampires.

Are your teachers making you read? What are you going to read?