In today’s vamp news, we have a video from listing the 6 reasons we can’t live without them, vamps sink their teeth into iTunes and the Morganville Vampire Series review.

PopSugar Rush Special: 6 Reasons You Can’t Live Without Vampires, Part 1!

We’re so excited to premiere our PopSugar Rush Vampire Special! Vampires are everywhere these days — from the Twilight saga and all its stars to the new popularity of The Vampire Diaries to fashion and beauty trends and beyond. In part one of our PopSugar Rush Vampire special, we take a look at three of the biggest reasons we can’t live without vampires, including an exclusive interview with adorable Candice Accola, who gives us a taste of what to expect from this season of The Vampire Diaries! Stay tuned for part two later in the week and sink your teeth into the hotness of part one now!

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What do you think of their 6 reasons? Are they right on the money?

‘Vampire’ Sinks Teeth Into iTunes

If the makers of “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog” got together with the “Twilight” team, their creative output might resemble “I Kissed a Vampire,” an original web series debuting Oct. 13 on iTunes.

But Chris and Laurie Nolan don’t have the budget or the staff of those productions, and they pretty much created “Vampire” in their home office/edit suite in Santa Monica for about the cost of a day’s catering on “Twilight.”

They do have the marketing muscle of iTunes, not to mention the stars of “High School Musical,” Lucas Grabeel (who played Ryan Evans) and Drew Seeley (whose voice emanates from Zac Efron’s mouth), plus a slew of original songs by Emmy nominee Frankie Blue (“V.I.P.”).

“Vampire” is about a teen romantic triangle that’s complicated by the fact that both of the boys in love with Sara (newcomer Adrian Slade) are vampires: Drew (Grabeel) has just become one, after a suspicious bat bite during a camping trip, while Trey (Seeley) revels in the life of the undead.

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LOL, what do you think of I Kissed a Vampire? Have you purchased it from iTunes?

New vampire book debuts

Review of thrilling new bloodsucker universe. Not just another Twilight knockoff.

Caine is about to finish up her running series of books called The Morganville Vampire series.

The books center around college freshman Claire Danvers and her life a vampire filled alternate reality. Rather than compare and contrast this universe to the other popular vampire realms, I have instead prepared a brief synopsis of the story so far.

Claire Danvers just arrived in Morganville, TX for her freshman year of college. Little did she know her biggest worries would not be classes, exams and getting stuck with a messy roommate.

Instead, Claire finds herself in a whole new world of problems: her first roommate tried to kill her, one of her new roommates turns out to be a ghost, and she gets an eerie feeling that her house is alive. Oh, and the town is run by vampires who like to dabble in alchemy.

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I highly recommend this series. It’s so mucn fun to read. The books aren’t very long but they’re packed with action. Have you read any of the series?