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Vampire Kisses by Ellen Schreiber follows Raven Madison, who has always desired to become a vampire. She meets Alexander Sterling, a mysterious and dangerously handsome newcomer to her town of, Dullsville. His secrets keep Raven back for more and immersed in what could potentially give her everything she wants. Here is my casting for the series as a whole, so this may contain spoilers!

Raven Madison: Lucy Hale

I think Lucy would be great for Raven because she has that dark look but also could play a curious character as well.

Alexander Sterling: Thomas McDonell

I would have chosen Ben Barnes, but sadly he is too old to play Alexander. So, I went with Thomas who could definitely play the isolated and handsome Alexander Sterling.

Becky Miller: Tara Lynne Barr

I’ve seen Tara in a few things and I think she would be a perfect Becky. She can play how shy and introverted Becky is but also be there for Raven.

Trevor Mitchell: Alex Pettyfer

Do you really expect anyone else? I don’t know who else could play a perfect Trevor Mitchell. After watching his performance in Beastly, I know he would be an excellent antagonist that also harbors feelings for Raven J

Jameson: Terence Stamp

Terence would be amazing as Jameson. He’s got the creepy factor and has the experience playing a butler. Plus, it would be awesome to see him do the creepy smile Raven always talks about.

Billy Boy: Jake Shorts

I think Jake would be good to play Raven’s nerdy little brother who seems to mature over time. He would be great for the one-liners Billy Boy has a lot of.

Maxwell Twins (Jagger and Luna): Jackson Rathbone and Sara Paxton

They don’t look exactly alike but I know they would both be perfect for Jagger and Luna. Jackson has that devilish charming attitude and Sara can definitely play how lonely Luna is when she was mortal but also conniving.

Matt: Blake Jenner

Not many people know him but he just won the latest season of The Glee Project. It wasn’t until doing this that I could totally see him playing Matt. He has that small town look that all the girls would swoon over and he also could play the best friend to Trevor who slowly starts to believe he is going too far.