By OBS Staff Member ifellhard

The Vampire Diaries returns tomorrow night with new episodes.  In case you need a refresher after the month-long hiatus, here’s what happened on the last episode of The Vampire Diaries…

Elena and Stefan are getting ready for school and Elena is fretting about running late.  Stefan suggests that they should be even later and they begin kissing and head over to the bed.

Damon is downstairs drinking and “Elena” passes through to leave for school and greets him.  Damon attacks her and she asks him if he thinks that she’s Katherine and then asks if Katherine is still in the tomb.  Stefan walks in and sees what’s going on and heads back to his room and attacks “Elena” who tells Stefan that he’s hurting her.  Katherine enters the room and tells Elena, “It’s getting really easy being you.”   They talk about how Katherine escaped the tomb and Damon tells them that the compulsion was broken when they killed Elijah.  Katherine explains that the originals have special skills and she tells them that they will all want and need her because they all want Klaus dead.  Elena denies needing or wanting her help.  Katherine asks if any of them know anything about Klaus – when he’s coming, what he looks like, etc.  She then says that she’s going to go to the grill and maybe hang out with Aunt Jenna.

At school, Caroline talks to Matt about a live band playing later at the grill.  Matt asks her if she’s talked to Tyler.  Caroline tells him that she hasn’t heard a peep from him and Matt tells her that he hasn’t either, commenting that Tyler stopped by the grill before he left town and he’s realized that Tyler was telling him goodbye without actually saying it.  Matt then tells Caroline that she knows how he feels about her and that the next move is hers before he walks off.

Stefan and Elena arrive at school, still talking about Katherine and why she’s there.  Stefan believes that she wants Klaus dead just like they do. Elena expresses her suspicion of Katherine trying to lure Stefan and Damon into her web.  They agree that they both want her gone.  Stefan raises the point that Katherine does know about Klaus and Elena tells him that she’s upset about Katherine shacking up with them.  When Stefan suggests staying over at Elena’s that night, Elena declines because she’s having a girls’ night out with Bonnie and Caroline.

Damon is in the basement trying to burn Elijah’s body with a flame thrower with no success.  Katherine enters and tells him that it’s a waste of time because the originals are indestructible.  Damon asks how she knows so much about them and she reminds him that she spent 500 years running from one.  Damon asks her why she didn’t warn him that he would die if he used the dagger on Elijah.  She pretends to play dumb, saying that there are so many rules that it’s so confusing.  Damon asks her again if she knew he’d die. They engage in one of their normal snarky exchanges and Damon pulls out the flame thrower and aims it at Katherine.  She tells him, “You wouldn’t.”  He tells her, “Oh, I would.”  Katherine pleads to him, telling him that she’s honest about helping kill Klaus because she would otherwise be long gone.  She tells Damon that she wanted out of the tomb, no matter the price and that she knew that Damon would die.

Bonnie, Jeremy, and Stefan are in the hallway talking about Katherine being out of the tomb and Stefan warns them that she’s really good at impersonating Elena.  Jeremy talks about how they need to find a way to get Bonnie’s powers back.  Stefan tells them that he wants to get Dr. Martin on their side and they need to find a way to get them to work together.  Bonnie tells him that she’ll try to convince him.  Bonnie and Jeremy kiss before heading to class and Bonnie promises to tell Elena about them soon.

Elena and Alaric are alone in a classroom talking about Jenna and the drama with John and Isobel.  Alaric tells her that he gave his ring back to John.  They talk about telling Jenna the truth and Alaric says that he can’t be with her without telling her. Elena is concerned that it’s becoming too dangerous for her not to know and tells him that she wants to hold off until Klaus is dealt with.  Alaric tells Elena that it’s her call and she’ll respect her decision to tell Jenna, but says that he and Jenna are done until they tell her.

Dr. Martin and Luka meet Stefan and Bonnie at the grill.  Stefan tells them that Elijah is dead and Dr. Martin gets up to leave.  Bonnie begins talking, saying that they know that Klaus has his daughter.  She apologizes for how she obtained the information and suggests working together to get her back.  Stefan offers to help carry out Elijah’s plan to kill Klaus, pledging his word to Dr. Martin. 

Katherine and Damon exchange their usual snark as Damon looks through Johnathon Gilbert’s journals and Katherine how she can help.  Damon asks if she knows the site of a witch massacre from a couple hundred years earlier and she tells him no.  Damon then attacks Katherine and she tells him that she’s glad that he’s not dead.  She then tells him that Emily Bennett told her about a massacre that was a big deal in witch folklore.  She told him that when a witch dies violently, they release energy that marks the place of their death with power.  Damon tells her that Elijah wanted to know the site of the massacre, but he has no idea why.  Stefan arrives home and tells them that Elijah did not have a weapon to kill Klaus.  It turns out that they thought that if a witch could channel enough power, they wouldn’t need one.  Damon realizes that they were seeking the site marked with the power of over a hundred dead witches and Stefan states that they need to find it. 

Dr. Martin and Luka return home.  Luka optimistically wonders if Stefan and the others could find the burial ground.  Dr. Martin tells him that they won’t because they looked for weeks.  Dr. Martin tells him that Elijah is their answer, not Stefan or his brother – they are the enemies and they need to be dealt with.  Luka asks if they are going to kill them and Dr. Martin tells him that Elijah is going to do it. 

Bonnie, Elena, and Caroline are hanging out in Elena’s kitchen, kicking off their girls’ night out.  Elena asks Bonnie if she thinks that Dr. Martin is sincere and Bonnie says that she’s not sure because he’s not sure who to trust.  Jenna comes home and asks what’s up.  She’s suspicious that the girls’ night is a setup to cheer her up.  Jenna joins in and tells them that Alaric is hiding something from her in regards to the whole Isobel thing.  Caroline plays devil’s advocate and suggests that maybe he has a good reason – like protecting her.  Jenna scoffs and says that it’s not his call to make because she deserves the truth.  Caroline suggests dancing and tells them about the live band at the grill.

Dr. Martin and Luka begin to cast a spell and he tells Luka to focus on Elijah.   Luka appears at the Salvatore house and sees Damon and Katherine reading, but he thinks that it’s Elena.  Dr. Martin tells Luka that if Elijah is there, he’ll sense him.  Katherine tells Damon that she’s bored and then reads over his shoulder from one of the journals that Emily Bennett was kidnapped by the Council and was taken to the place where her ancestors were burned 100 years prior and that Emily died at the site of the massacre, but there is no mention of where the site is located.  Damon tells Katherine that he still doesn’t believe her motives for staying.  Katherine says she’s hungry and then heads to the basement to get some blood.  Luka sees the image of Elena/Katherine and Katherine senses him. Damon is upstairs continuing to read the journals and Stefan asks Damon if he’s found anything.  Damon tells him “nope” with a suspicious look on his face like someone is eavesdropping on them and hands a journal to Stefan, pointing at a particular passage.  Stefan plays along, saying “too bad”.   Damon comments about it being a “bummer” and Stefan gives him a knowing nod as Damon leaves the room.  Katherine looks in Elijah’s room in the basement, sensing someone there.  As she leaves, she turns back around and sees the dagger rising from Elijah’s chest and rushes to stop it from coming up.  Luka tells his dad that Elena is fighting him and notes how strong she is.  Dr. Martin realizes that it’s not Elena, but Katherine and tells Luka to kill her by finding a stake and driving it through her heart.  Katherine calls for Damon and he arrives just as she’s been staked.  He removes Katherine’s stake and sees the dagger rising from Elijah.  He grabs the flame thrower and covers Elijah in flames, setting Luka on fire back in the apartment.  Stefan rushes down, asking what happened and Damon tells him that it was some kind of psychic witch attack.  Back in the apartment, Dr. Martin smothers the flames on Luka with a blanket and Luka falls unconcious to the floor.  Dr. Martin begins casting spells to save Luka to no avail.

The girls show up at the grill and the band is already playing.  Alaric shows up and Jenna heads to the bar, saying that she needs a drink.  Caroline says hi to Matt and he blows her off.  Jenna tells Alaric that she doesn’t want to talk and she’s traded him for “Senor Tequila” for the evening.  They argue and she tells him that he’s wrong about thinking that she can’t handle a secret and she walks away. 

Bonnie, Caroline, & Elena talk about Matt and they talk about the secrets that they keep with the intent to protect are actually hurting the ones that they love.  Caroline gets a look of resolve, takes off her jacket, hands it to Bonnie, heads to the stage and takes the microphone.  She begins to word vomit about telling Matt how she feels and then announces that she’ll sing about her feelings.  Before the band can kick her off the stage, she compels the lead singer to let her sing and “live out her rock star fantasy”.  She begins to sing “Eternal Flame” to Matt.  Jenna and Alaric exchange glances with one another during the song.  Matt looks toward Elena and she gives him a nod.  Matt rushes the stage, grabs Caroline, and they begin kissing as the crowd cheers and claps. 

Dr. Martin gets angry and gathers the items that he stole from Elena’s and begins casting a spell.  Stefan shows up and sees Luka on the floor.  Dr. Martin tells him that he’s going to inflict the same pain on him and threatens to kill Elena and storms out.  Stefan sees the stolen items of Elena’s on the floor. 

Katherine is on the couch and Damon brings her some blood and stakes her in the gut.  He tells her that it’s “for not telling me the dagger would kill me.”  He tells her that it will go in her heart the next time and tells her to start talking if she wants to help.  She starts out by telling him that Isobel and John want him and Stefan out of Elena’s life.  Damon tells her that’s “old news”.  Katherine then tells him that John offered her a deal and he knew that killing Elijah would release her from the tomb.  John gave her two choices – 1) Stay and help with Klaus or 2) John would kill Stefan.  She tells Damon that as part of the deal, she could only save one of them.  Damon realizes that she chose Stefan…of course.

Elena heads to the bathroom, finds Caroline and Matt making out in there, and makes a hasty exit.  She stops Bonnie as she heads the same way.  Bonnie asks Elena if it would freak her out if she dated her brother.  Elena asks her if she’s into Jeremy and Bonnie tells her that he makes her happy.  Elena mentions how Jeremy has had to deal with more pain in his life than anyone should ever have to deal with and tells Bonnie that he deserves to be with someone as amazing as her.  They hug and Elena’s phone begins to ring.  She can’t hear Stefan in the crowded grill, and starts to head off to a quieter place as Dr. Martin enters the grill.  Bonnie sees him and follows him. 

Damon is leaving the house to go help Elena and Katherine insists on going with him. 

Bonnie asks Dr. Martin if he’s okay and he asks her where Elena is, saying that his son is dead.  Bonnie tries to talk him down and he begins to use his powers, blasting out the lights in the grill.  Elena and Stefan find Caroline and they talk about needing to get Elena out.  Dr. Martin tells Bonnie that no one gets out until he has Elena and starts a fire in the building.  Bonnie begs him and Matt rescues Bonnie.  Elena begs Dr. Martin to let her help and he tells her that only Elijah can do it.  Caroline attacks Dr. Martin, but he uses his powers on her to protect himself, sending her to the floor.  Stefan and Elena escape.  Matt goes to save Caroline and Dr. Martin stabs him in the neck with a broken bottle.  Caroline rushes to Matt’s side, bites her arm, and gets Matt to drink from her.

Bonnie and Jeremy are at home talking about the night.  Bonnie talks about how she feels guilty because she and Jeremy tells her that she shouldn’t.  Elena and Stefan arrive and he asks if they checked the house.  Jeremy asks why.  Elena heads up the stairs to the bathroom and starts to go to wash her face when Dr. Martin shows up behind her, not realizing that it’s actually Katherine before she attacks him and rips out his throat.  Stefan and Bonnie show up and find Katherine with the dead Dr. Martin.  Bonnie crouches beside him and goes to close his eyes and he bolts upright and puts his hands on Bonnie’s head.  Stefan pulls him off and returns him to the floor.

Damon and Elena are talking downstairs and she asks how he convinced Katherine to protect her.  Damon tells her that it was actually Katherine’s idea.  Elena comments that it’s not good and Damon agrees.  Katherine and Stefan come down the stairs and Katherine returns Elena’s locket to her.  Elena tells Stefan to get Katherine out before Jenna comes home.  Elena and Katherine express their mutal dislike to one another and Katherine tells Elena that she’s not a threat because she needs her alive to get Klaus. 

Alaric and Jenna arrive at the house and pause to talk on the porch.  He tells her that there are things about Isobel’s death that he can’t tell her.  He tells Jenna that he loves her.  Jenna tells him good night and he leaves. 

Bonnie and Jeremy talk and he tells her that he’s worried because the only witch to give her powers back is dead.  She shuts him up with a kiss and puts her hands on his chest and the lights start to flicker.  Bonnie tells him that Dr. Martin returned her powers to her and he wants her to kill Klaus.  Jeremy asks if he told her how and Bonnie answers, “Yeah.”

Katherine hops into bed with Damon as he’s reading another journal.  He tells her that he can’t figure out how the town knew that Emily Bennett was a witch because Johnathon Gilbert’s journals indicate that he was the only one who knew.  Damon tells Katherine that he knows that she’d didn’t turn her in and Katherine admits to tying up a “loose end”.  Katherine asks him why he won’t tell her the site of the massacre.  Damon denies knowing and tells her that he has no clue.  She begins to try to seduce Damon and he shuts her down and goes back to his reading.

Matt wakes up gasping and Caroline is there watching over him.  He wonders what happened and remembers Caroline’s face and drinking her blood.  She tells him that her blood healed him and confesses that she’s a vampire.  He begins to freak out remembering Vickie talking about vampires and asks Caroline what she did. 

The doorbell rings at the Gilbert house and Jenna answers the door.   Elena arrives right behind her to find Isobel standing on the front porch.

Do you believe that Katherine is sincere in wanting to keep Elena alive so that she can kill Klaus or do you think that there’s another motive (like trying to get Stefan)? 

What theories do you have for Isobel’s sudden appearance at the Gilbert home? 

What do you think Dr. Martin told Bonnie was the way to kill Klaus?  I found it very interesting that she didn’t elaborate to Jeremy.  Could it be because it involves harming Elena in some way? 

Poor, poor Matt!!  That poor boy just can’t catch a break…loser mom, druggie sister-turned vampire who dies at the hands of his ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend, vampire girlfriend, werewolf best friend who skips town…  Now that he has the vampire blood in him, is there some unfortunate accident waiting for him in the next episode or two?

What else from this episode stuck out to you?  Join us in the forum to discuss and don’t forget to catch an all-new episode tomorrow night!