Sometimes the past can surprise you and leave you questioning yourself and those around you.

Ever since Bonnie was given her ancestors pendant nothing good has come of it. Last episode we were left with her waking in the cemetery after a frightening nightmare involving her ancestral witch Emily. As our great discussion board pointed out, the mausoleum belongs to none other than the Salvatore family and Emily sure looks a lot like Katherine’s slave. What could it all mean?

At school, Elena sits as their new teacher introduces himself… Mr. Alaric Saltzman claims to be the descendent of Fell’s Church. Bonnie arrives late to class, due to her dreams and Elena instantly knows something is wrong. Afterwards, Stefan approaches Elena and tell her that he won’t be attending school anymore, in fact he won’t be hanging around her much either. Meanwhile, Damon catches up with Bonnie and tries to convince her to give the pendant back, when she refuses, he adds that he is trying to help and that the next time Emily “comes around” to tell her that a deals a deal. Back in the school, Jeremy approaches Alaric who gives Jeremy a new start if he writes a paper on the history and linage of Mystic Falls.

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A great episode all and all. I can’t believe the meaning behind the pendant or the fact that Katherine never really died. I have to give props to all the discussion on the boards for not only pointing out that Emily was Katherine’s handmade ahead of time, but also the Salvatore mausoleum. Let me just add that the ending of this episode shocked the hell out of me. Logan freaken Fell… I didn’t see that coming.

What did you think of tonight’s episode?

What do you think of the way Alaric stood at the door waiting to be invited in as if he was a vampire?

What do you think is in the journal that Jeremy found in his father’s possessions?

Were you also shocked at Logan’s return and how do you think it happened?