It wasn’t me – it was my evil twin!!!!

The episode opens with images of Stefan and Elena getting dressed in period attire for the Founders’ Day parade.  The scene shifts to the parade with Damon and Stefan meeting up.  The brothers exchange barbs about Damon trying to steal Elena and Stefan being jealous.  Damon tells him that “Elena is not Katherine” as she walks up in her period costume looking exactly like Katherine did the last time they saw her.

As Jeremy gets dressed for the parade in his room, Anna shows up.  She tells him that his Uncle John killed her mother.  Jeremy tries to defend his uncle’s actions because he believes that the tomb vampires want revenge and Anna tells him that it’s true.  She tells him that’s why she and her mother split from them – her mother just wanted to live her life in peace.  She tells Jeremy that she’s leaving and offers to turn him.  She gives him a vial of her blood and tells him that if he dies with it in his system that he’ll become a vampire.  He tells her that he doesn’t think that he can do it now and Anna vanishes.

Stefan tells Elena about John being her father.  She hopes that it’s not true and asks Stefan what she should do and how she has enough to deal with what is going on with Jeremy.

Elena finds Jeremy and he tells her to go away, taking an additional dig and suggesting that she have Damon erase his memory again.

Mrs. Lockwood announces the parade entries from the viewing stand.  Damon watches the court float, taunting Stefan and Elena.  He stands in front of Bonnie who asks him what he wants.  As she stalks off, he follows her and tells her that he wants to thank her for removing the spell on the device and that he owes her one.

John and the Mayor are in Elena’s dad’s office with the device and John explains how it will work.  It will emit a sound that only the vampires can hear for five minutes, giving the deputies time to inject the afflicted vampires with vervain.  As he tells the Mayor how things will go down, John tells him of the tomb vampires’ plan to attack when the fireworks begin.  In the scene showing the tomb vamps planning, Anna shows up to join them.

After the parade at the grill, Damon compliments Elena on her new attire and they discuss Stefan’s worries about Isobel’s revelation.  Elena tells him to stop with the flirty comments.  She spots Jeremy and goes over to him, admitting that she was wrong and asks him how to fix things.  He tells her to go to hell and storms off.   Damon catches up with Jeremy outside, mocking his teen angst.  He tells Jeremy not to talk to her like that anymore and to cut her some slack.  Stefan intervenes as things start to escalate and tells Jeremy not to blame Elena.  Stefan tells Jeremy that Damon turned Vickie and that he killed her because she was a threat to him and Elena.  Stefan’s jealous streak surfaces when he and Damon argue over Damon interfering in Elena and Jeremy’s relationship.

Sheriff Forbes, John, and Mayor Lockwood discuss the plan for taking out the tomb vampires.  Sheriff Forbes is opposed to it, stating that it’s too risky for their families.  John asks the Mayor to step out so that he can talk to the Sheriff alone.  Once alone, he knocks Sheriff Forbes out and handcuffs her to the radiator.

The next scene takes place outside at night with Damon roaming around the Founders’ Day festivities when Anna appears.  She tells him about the tomb vampires’ plan.  Damon tells her that John wants to use the invention on the tomb vampires, but the spell was removed.  Anna tells him that the vampires are already there.  We then see the tomb vampires mobilize and disperse among the crowd.

Damon finds Alaric and asks him if he has his vampire tools with him, telling him about the tomb vampires.  Damon then finds Elena and Stefan, telling them that the founding families are the targets.  Elena and Stefan take off to find Jeremy.

Caroline and Matt are talking at the grill and  Tyler is shooting pool when Mayor Lockwood comes in and urges them all to go home, giving Tyler his keys.  They all concede to his request and leave.

As Jeremy is coming out of the bathroom, Anna finds him and drags him back in.

Mayor Lockwood is on the parade viewing stand giving a speech about Founders’ Day and dedicates the fireworks display to the founders of Mystic Falls.  The fireworks begin and Mayor and Mrs. Lockwood walk down from the viewing stand.  The vampires begin stalking their targets in the crowd.  Bonnie bumps into one and they apologize to one another.  Bonnie changes her course of direction and seems to follow the vampire.

Damon walks into Dr. Gilbert’s office and confronts John as John activates the device.  Damon collapses to the floor, holding his head in pain.  Outside, Stefan does the same.  In the bathroom of the grill, the same thing happens to Anna as Jeremy holds her.  The other vampires fall as well.  Driving home, Tyler hears the sound, grabs his head, loses control of the car and crashes.

Alaric spares Stefan from one of the deputies and tells Elena and Stefan that the deputies are injecting vampires with vervain.  Elena realizes that they are rounding up the vampires.  Meanwhile, Mayor Lockwood goes down as well.  The deputies inject him and haul him off, too.  They also find Anna in the bathroom.

John packs up the device and heads down into the basement.  Anna grabs his foot.  She looks over and sees Damon.  John stakes Anna and then pours gasoline all over the basement and up the stairs and then sets it aflame.

Alaric, Elena, and Stefan discuss what happened and Stefan describes the pain.  Alaric says that he saw five vampires go down and get dragged off to a building.  Stefan mentions the device and Elena wonders how it could work because Bonnie removed the spell.  Alaric suggests that maybe Bonnie didn’t really remove it and Stefan concurs with that notion.  They wonder where Damon is as Elena asks Alaric to take Jeremy home.

Mrs. Lockwood finds and frees Sheriff Forbes and tells her that the deputies took the Mayor, wondering why because he’s not a vampire.

The fire is burning in the basement and Damon sees Mayor Lockwood.  The Mayor asks Damon why he’s there.  Damon tells him, “I’m a vampire.  What’s your excuse?”  Damon notes that the vervain didn’t affect the Mayor as one of the tomb vampires snaps the Mayor’s neck.

The EMTs are working on Tyler while Matt and Caroline seem to be fine.  When the EMTs check Tyler’s pupils, they notice that his eyes look really strange for a moment.  Tyler comes back to consciousness and then Caroline faints in the middle of the road.

Stefan is able to hear Damon, noting that he’s in the building on fire and that he’s OK.  Stefan and Elena see John and ask where Damon is.  John taunts Stefan to save Damon, saying that it will save him the trouble of killing him. Elena tells Stefan more about the building to help him find Damon.  John threatens Elena and Elena confronts him about being her father.

Bonnie tries to stop Stefan from going in to save Damon, but he goes in anyway.  Bonnie catches Elena and holds on to her arm as she casts a spell.  Stefan opens the basement door and the flames begin to shrink and recede as Bonnie continues her incantation.  Stefan rescues Damon.

Stefan and Elena return to the grill and they discuss where Damon went.  They hug and Stefan laments on how pointless it is for him to try to hate Damon.  Elena tells him that she cares about him, too, but she loves Stefan.  She repeats, “I love you, Stefan.” several times and tells him that he has nothing to worry about.  She tells him that Jenna called and Jeremy is home.  She is going to go to the school to get her stuff and then head home.

Jeremy is at home holding the vial of Anna’s blood and then puts it in a drawer.  He turns around and finds Damon standing in his doorway.  Damon tells Jeremy that Anna is dead and how he saw it, but couldn’t help her.  He offers to take away Jeremy’s suffering again.  Jeremy tells him that he’s still empty even though he doesn’t remember why.  Damon tells him that what he did to Vickie was wrong and tells him that he’s sorry.  Jeremy asks him about what Anna told him about vampires being able to turn off their humanity and if it’s true.  Damon confirms that it’s true and tells him that life sucks either way.  He tells Jeremy that he did it for a very long time and it was much easier that way.

Tyler walks into the hospital waiting area to find Matt waiting on Caroline.  Tyler apologizes and Matt accepts.  Sheriff Forbes arrives and tells them that Caroline is going into surgery for internal bleeding.  She tells Tyler that he needs to call his mother – it’s about his father.

Jeremy goes into the bathroom and drinks the vial of Anna’s blood.  He then takes out a bottle of prescription pain killers and starts to swallow all of the pills in the bottle.

Bonnie and Stefan meet up outside the grill.  She tells him that she couldn’t let him or Damon die in the fire because of how much she loves Elena.  She then tells him that things have to change – Damon has to change.  After reminding him of what she is now able to do with her powers, she tells Stefan that if Damon spills one drop of innocent blood, she will take him down and will take Stefan down with him if she has to.

Elena arrives home with her clothes as Damon is walking out the front door.  Damon talks about how he came to town wanting to destroy it and now he wants to protect it.  He ponders how that happened.  Elena notes that there is some good in him and he dismisses that, saying that good is for people like Stefan, Elena, and Bonnie.  He tells her that he wants to thank her for thinking he was worth saving, otherwise Bonnie wouldn’t have done what she did.  He leans in to kiss her on the cheek.  Then they kiss on the lips…and kiss some more before they are interrupted by Jenna telling Elena that it’s late and she needs to come inside.  Jenna asks her what she’s doing and Elena tells her that she doesn’t want to talk about it.

Jeremy goes to bed, lies down, and closes his eyes.

John arrives home and heads to kitchen.  When he closes the fridge, he’s surprised to find Elena there.  John tells her about meeting Isobel when he was a teenager and falling in love with her at first sight.  He goes on to say that he probably hates vampires so much because of what she became and says that he never would have sent her to Damon if he’d known that she wanted to turn.  He tells Elena that it’s his fault.  Elena thanks him and then cuts off his fingers with a kitchen knife.  John then realizes that it’s not Elena…it’s Katherine.

Elena is walking up while on the phone with Stefan, talking about how someone took her clothes.   She walks into the house and calls out for Jeremy when she hears a commotion in the kitchen.

So…do you think that Damon knew that he was kissing Katherine?  Surely he would have noticed that she didn’t smell human, right?!

What do you think about Mayor Lockwood and Tyler hearing the high-frequency sound emitted by the device?   What about what the EMT noticed with Tyler’s eyes?

Do you think that Katherine will make her exit before Elena can see her?

Poor, poor Jeremy!!  I feel so sorry for that poor kid.  Do you think that Elena will get to him in time?

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