Fang TV: ‘Vampire Diaries’ Showrunners Kevin Williamson & Julie Plec

via Deadline
It wasn’t love at first bite with showrunners Kevin Williamson, 45, and Julie Plec, 37, for a teen drama on The CW based on L.J. Smith’s popular book series. But Plec talked Williamson into reading the novels, and the pair became convinced they had a shot at reinventing the high school vampire even in the long shadow of Twilight.

DH: Your goal is expanding your audience beyond teenage girls?

JP: In terms of the teenage girls in our audience, our job was just to not screw that up, because they were there to be had. But men and grownups and all, that has been a nice surprise hearing that people are tuning in who not only normally wouldn’t have, but it’s become a secret obsession for them.

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Damon Shirtless! Stefan Bloodied! Episode Photos from The Vampire Diaries

by M.L. House at TV Fanatic

Secrets won’t just come out on this week’s all-new episode of The Vampire Diaries. Clothes will come off.


At least that appears to be the case based on the photos, all of which are courtesy of “Blood Brothers.” Airing this Thursday night, the installment will take viewers back to 1864.

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Stefan Flashes Back in New ‘Vampire Diaries’ Clip

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In clip 1, Stefan is seen behind the cell and he flashes back to the 1800s when the townspeople were hunting for the vampires. The group’s leader is using the compass that becomes the mystery item of the show.

The episode is called “Blood Brothers” and will air April 29. While Stefan struggles to come to terms with his past, both he and Damon reveal parts of their history to Elena, until she finally learns the truth about how they became vampires.

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Do you know any guys that love Vampire Diaries? What do you think is coming up on Thursday?