CREEPY VAMPIRE TEETH PACIFIER As if babies aren’t scary enough already, now you can get $7 vampire teeth pacifiers that make them look like they’re gonna suck blood instead of breast milk. No way — not from this teat!

Billy Bob pacifiers for babies with personality. You will receive this hilarious, Lil’ Vampire Billy Bob pacifier. It is brand new in manufacturers’ packaging.

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OK, that is just plain frightening! Would you buy this as a gag gift for a preggers friend?

Has Vampire merchandise officially gone too far?

 CELEBRATING ANGEL’S 10TH ANNIVERSARY This column is dedicated to the memory of Andy Hallett (the actor behind the demon Lorne), who passed away earlier this year (and was only two weeks older than me — scary!). As column editor, I’ll start off our discussion ….

 But where do the hell do I start? There’s so many things that made this series one of the best to ever grace the small screen: a highly imaginative concept; intricately-woven stories with twists upon twists; deeply complicated characters; snappy and insightful dialogue; sets with character all their own (the hotel; demon karaoke club Caritas; the offices of Wolfram and Hart); well-crafted make-up and props; stunning special effects; brilliant acting … and to think I almost missed it all!

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ZOMBIE WALK THE STREETS IN MICHIGAN AND MARYLAND!  The fine folks at Zombie Walk Detroit figured out that, to motivate that apathetic, they’d need a hook. That hook: the walking dead. That’s right, they use the unholy power of necromancy for charity, which is pretty cool if you ask me.

This was the second zombie walk I’ve participated in. The first claimed over two hundred zombies, and raised enough money for over six thousand meals.

More here. Down Main Street they went, covered in fake blood and roaring at any inquisitive bystanders or passing cars.

 The third annual zombie walk was organized by Ruckus Productions, an independent horror film company that started in 2007. Zombies marched from the 140 Village Shopping Center to the Carroll Arts Center, finishing the day with a free screening of “Night of the Living Dead.”, almost immediately and he hoped to have the film of this year’s walk up by Halloween.

Ruckus said pictures of the event would be up on their Web site,

And in addition to creating the film, this year Ruckus set up a canned food drive benefitting Carroll County Food Sunday.

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These events look like a lot of fun!

Did you go to either event? Would you go?