Brought to you by OBS member Shaedum

Vampire Academy was a fun book to “Cast”. Most of the characters in the book are well built and good looking, and Hollywood definitely has people to fit that description. It’s a book set at St. Vladimir’s Academy. Where Rose, a Dhampir, is training to guard her best friend Vasilisa. Lissa happens to be a Moroi princess. Things just aren’t as easy as they should be, though.

Rosemarie “Rose” Hathaway – She is exotic and curvy. She gets to kick some butt. First lady that comes to my mind is Nikki Reed.

Vasilisa “Lissa” Dragomir – The Moroi, are all built looking like runway models. Lissa is a little timid in Vampire Academy and Ashley Olsen, fits this perfectly to me!

Victor Dashkov – I have always wanted to see Clint Eastwood play a vampire. Even if its a diseased, mean one.

Christian Ozera – Christian is looked at as a bad guy for a while, all because his parents are Strigoi. Harry Treadaway looks good with his dark hair. He would play a good Christian.

Dimitri Belikov – My pick is Channing Tatum. He has all the physical features of Dimitri, and I would love to see what he looks like with the long brown hair. Also, he has the attitude for the part,and is pretty good looking.

Mia Rinaldi – Mia gives Rose and Lissa a hard time, and I love movies where Hayden Panettiere gets to be stuck up. She is my pick because I can see her as Mia. She has the attitude, looks, and all.

Natalie Dashkov – Even at the end when she gets turned Strigoi, Demi Lavato would rock this part.

Mason Ashford – Avan Jogia has the body to play a Dhampir. He is a good looking boy, and I think he would be good in the action parts.

What do you think of the actors and actresses chosen? Any other celebrity for the role?