Valentine’s Day Virgin

By Penny Wylder

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

Sally Landing has never had a date on Valentine’s Day and she thought this would be the year that changed.  However, her boyfriend broke up with her a little over a week before the holiday and she has resigned herself to being dateless for another year.

Sally’s job isn’t going any better than her love life.  She works at a chocolate cart in the mall and an oversight leaves her chasing her runaway cart and nearly killing a woman with it.  Luckily the woman, Bianca, was very kind to her and even offered to pay for the damages.  Unfortunately, her boss wasn’t so nice and fired her.

Sally fully intended to pay Bianca back, but Bianca asked her to do her a favor instead; be her brother’s date to their mom’s Valentine’s party.  Sally jumped at the chance to clear her debt and to finally have a date on Valentine’s Day.  However, she never expected Eric to be so hot!  This is a date she’ll never forget and one she wishes could last forever.

This book was pretty cheesy, especially in the beginning. It felt like a made for TV Valentine’s movie except it was a highly sexed up version.  I found it extremely unlikely how quickly she took to Eric’s advances, especially considering she’s a virgin, and I found him to be way too forward with her.  Sally was also annoyingly naive.

This book does have a sweet happily ever after ending that you would expect in a Hallmark or other TV movie.  It is a quick steamy read if you’re looking for something to pass the time.  I found this was an okay read, but was nothing all that special.