Upon the Midnight Clear

Dark-Hunter, Book #12

Dream-Hunter, Book #2

By Sherrilyn Kenyon

ISBN#  9780312947057

Author’s Website: http://www.sherrilynkenyon.com/

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

Aidan O’Conner is a well-known actor, adored by fans all over.  However, after being betrayed by his own family, friends, and the woman he was going to marry, he’s decided to turn his back on that life and everything else.  He no longer trusts anybody, as everybody he’s put his trust in has betrayed him in some way.  He’s a negative man full of anger, a modern day Scrooge.  But if he doesn’t love something, it can’t hurt him.  Right?

Dream Goddess, Leta, cursed Dolor, the god of pain, to stay in a state of stasis until he was summoned by a human, complete with a blood sacrifice of a loved one.  She didn’t think anybody would ever want to kill someone they loved to bring him to earth, but she was wrong.  Aidan’s brother has summoned Dolor to torture and kill Aidan.  Leta feels all of Aidan’s anger and it fuels her powers and she will need all the juice she can get to defeat Dolor.  She just never expected to fall in love with Aidan.  Now, she must fight Dolor in order to keep Aidan alive.  But will the two of them be enough to defeat him?  And, can Aidan ever learn to trust her?

This story read like a novella to me.  The story was straight to the point and there wasn’t much filler.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t a lot of character development either.  This was an okay read with a bit of a Christmas bent to it.  Aidan was compared to Scrooge and he was even taken to see some scenes from his past and present.

I just really don’t care much for the Dream-Hunters.  This whole fighting people in their dreams thing is already getting old and it’s only the second Dream-Hunter book.

I don’t feel this book adds much to the series story arc, but it had a sweet ending that kind of makes up for the boring parts of the book.