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Country Roads, Book #5

By Shannon Richards

IBSN: 9781455565047

Author’s website: www.shannonrichard.net

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Harper Laurence has been jilted on her way to the altar. Desperate for some time away from her friends and family, Harper takes off for Nashville-only to meet a hot, scruffy, tattooed stranger. A man she liked a little too much, and who left her the teeniest bit . . . well, pregnant.

Liam James is an up-and-coming country musician, who just found his muse. Ever since their weekend together, Liam hasn’t been able to forget the curvy, vivacious woman who left him wanting more, even as she inspired some of the greatest songs he’s ever written. He’s determined to convince Harper that he’s the guy for her . . . and that the best love songs can never be unsung.


I loved this story and I loved the way Shannon Richards is able to intertwine her other stories about the residents of Mirabelle without the stories being dependent on each other. They each stand-alone but having read the others I know I found it was like a favorite TV show .You are away for a while and then spend time catching up on what the other characters had done.

Harper has been hurt in the past and is definitely not looking for a relationship when she goes to Nashville to visit her aunt on what would have been her wedding weekend. Her aunt gets tied up at the hospital and Harper finds herself enamored by Liam James an upcoming musician. After a hot a sexy weekend she finds herself not only in love but pregnant in spite of precautions taken. She returns home realizing she only has the phone number and not even the last name of the man who has stolen her heart.

For Liam it is love at first sight and when Harper runs he is devastated. How will he ever find her when he doesn’t know anything about her other than she has stolen his heart and left him desiring her in all ways? She has inspired him to write songs that are sure to propel his career forward but will Harper be able to accept living in the spotlight and dealing with the tabloids? She has already had to deal with the town’s gossip about her breakup and now with the sudden pregnancy and a brief romance.

When the two meet coincidentally at a charity event the sparks begin to fly. They realize that they were meant for each other but don’t know whether Harper’s trust issues will allow them to follow their hearts plus, they have the baby and their parents to contend with. Although happy about the upcoming grandchild, the parents are not thrilled with the suddenness of the romance.

Love does win in the end but Shannon Richards’s story telling ability has the reader craving for more. I know I am hoping for more stories set in the town of Mirabelle. A great afternoon read for these cooler fall days!

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