Two Weeks Notice

By Whitney G

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Things haven’t gone the way Tara Lauren thought they would.  After college, she hasn’t been able to land the job she wanted or any job for that matter!  It’s led her and her roommate to get creative in order to survive!  While doing one of those creative survival tasks, Tara runs into hotel tycoon Preston Parker.  And, strangely enough she leaves with a job as his executive assistant!

Tara quickly learns that Preston isn’t an easy man to work for.  He’s a demanding workaholic and expects her to be at his beck and call around the clock.  It becomes obvious to Tara that she’s going to have to quit.  However, she never expected Preston to reject her two weeks’ notice.  Not only will he not let her quit, but he had some hidden fine print in her contract that makes her legally stuck working for him!  Possibly for the rest of her life…

Then, Preston has a significant change in his life that leaves him willing to make a deal.  But once Tara sees his softer side, will she be able to go through with quitting?

I really enjoyed this book.  Preston is the kind of guy that I would hate in real life, but he’s my favorite kind of cocky bastard I love in books!  He was handsome, rich, powerful, sexy, and he knows it!  I enjoyed seeing him mellow as Violet came into his life.  I also liked seeing, that finally there was something that he wanted that he couldn’t have … at least for a while!

I found Tara’s way of life before Preston to be quite entertaining.  We know who to call if we need condoms!

For someone that hated her boss so much Tara sure didn’t put up much of a fight when he made advances on her.  He’d kiss her and she would never stop him or even try to!  It would go on until something else interrupted them, like the elevator door opening.  I also found it odd that after his first kiss was successful, Preston waited years before he did anything more.  No guy has that kind of patience and self-control!

I really didn’t think that Tara would quit and I’m not going to reveal if she does or not, but I really wish Preston would have punched Mr. Kline for what he was insinuating at the end of the book.  Mr. Greywood could have used a little face rearranging as well!  Granted, I realize that Tara doesn’t need a man to take care of business for her, especially with those guys!  She’s feisty enough to handle things herself.

I found the characters constantly being connected to the Marriott to be a little odd.  The boyfriend was working there and then it was a potential next job for Tara.  There are other hotels after all.

Speaking of hotels, I knew exactly who’d end up running the Von Strum line 🙂

This book left me wanting more.  I wish we got a bigger glimpse of the “after” in this book.  I also really wish this was a series so we could see more!