James Franco ‘fascinated by Twilight’ James Franco has admitted that he is fascinated by the popularity of The Twilight Saga books and films.

Franco told MTV News that he does not necessarily enjoy the vampire series, but he is interested in the concept of vampires living in regular society.

“I wouldn’t say I enjoy them, but I’m fascinated with them. I’m interested in the metaphor of the vampire placed in the high school setting and how a relationship with a vampire can stand in for general feelings that people have as teenagers,” he said. “And the obsession people have with that is also fascinating to me.”

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Taylor Lautner: How Girls Almost Dragged Him Inside Toilet Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner starrer Twilight saga has been creating rave ripples on celluloid what with the vampire-werewolf franchisee having become a peerless craze amongst the youths; especially the gals.

And the hunk Taylor Lautner has, certainly, earned himself loads of female following who go weak whenever he rips off his shirt to flash his lightning bolt chiselled body. Now the famous tabloid National Enquirer has got an anecdote to tell revolving around the beefy actor.

Recently, Lautner was taken aback on the Pittsburgh sets of his new movie ‘Abduction’ when some gals tried to drag him inside a portable toilet.

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David Slade to talk about making ‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ at VIFF On October 2nd, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse director David Slade will be heading to Canada for the Vancouver International Film Festival’s Vancouver Film and Television Forum to discuss how he made Eclipse will new filmmakers, according to The Province.

In speaking with the publication about the forthcoming appearance, Slade remarked about Twilight fans who stood outside of the set in the hopes that they’d get to see some of the cast coming and going. “I’ve got a lot of respect for those kids — God that’s tenacity. I have a lot of time for the subcultures that bring kids together, regardless of subject matter. Often it’s just a good solid source for people to bond,” he said.

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Interview with Twilght convention star Candace Charee Candace Charee is the official musical talent for the 2010-2011 Official Twilight Convention Tour, which is traveling throughout the US and Canada.

With her lingering voice and stirring lyrics, she gives audiences an unforgettable experience. Charee’s soul wrenching, poignant songs bring listeners into the bestselling love story of Bella Swan (played by Kristen Stewart in the films) and Edward Cullen (played by Robert Pattinson) as thoroughly as Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight books do.

Charee is currently working on two different music ventures. She has been to seven Twilight Conventions, performing her “alternative rock, big arrangement” Twilight inspired songs. She is also working on producing a “dance, pop album.” In the last two years, Charee has acquired thousands of loyal fans and over one million hits on her music.

“I really connected to how they (Bella and Edward) felt about each other,” Charee said. “It’s the ultimate love story; and I was hooked, inspired immediately after reading the first three books.”

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I really liked what David did with Eclipse, New Moon is my favorite book and he made me like Eclipse as a book and movie better 🙂

What did you think of David Slade? Will the Canadian fans assist the event?

What do you think of James Franco and his fascination for Twilight?

What do you think of Taylor’s toilet encounter?

Have you heard of Candace’s inspired Twilight music? Join us in the forum for discussions!