WATCH THE ‘MEET ME ON THE EQUINOX’ VIDEO It’s about the unspoken truth of love (and life): that, as Gibbard sings, “Everything ends,” and how, despite that fact, we still push onward, we sacrifice, we give of ourselves … and ultimately, we end up alone. Or dead. Or both. It’s a pretty beautiful concept when you think about it. Of course, it’s also an incredibly depressing one.

Gibbard gives a nod to that duality by using the metaphor of the equinox, a celestial phenomenon that occurs when the Earth’s axis is perfectly aligned with the sun, causing day and night to be exactly the same length. And the video, directed by the team known as Walter Robot (who did DCFC’s excellent “Grapevine Fires” video), does it by using the interplay between light and darkness. The clip is a moody time warp, full of shadows that alternately grow and shrink, of sunlight that fills windows, then disappears behind corners. The message — again, like Gibbard says — is that, while time is relative, the end result is the same: Everything ends.

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ARO OF ‘NEW MOON’ IN THE EYES OF MICHAEL SHEEN In anticipation to the theatrical release, the 40-year-old actor who is no stranger to the supernatural genre movie has made time to talk about his vampire character to USA Today.

“I suppose the Volturi are like the royal family of vampires, and while he is more their spokesperson in the books, he is their leader in the film,” Sheen said of Aro. “He’s got a sort of regality about him.” He then went on, “I like the way director Chris Weitz describes him. On the surface, he is very charming and very warm, sort of likable and soft. But underneath, you get the sense he is a psychopathic killer. I love playing with that idea.”

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SELENA GOMEZ IS TEAM JACOB (BIG SHOCKER!) “This question is so hard. I don’t know, I like them both,” she told MTV News. “I have to chose one of them? I don’t know, I guess Team Jacob, ’cause I want to be a good friend.”

 She admitted that she came to the saga a little late. It wasn’t until she started hanging out with Lautner that she watched the flick to see what all the fuss was about. And now, she can’t get enough of it and can’t wait for “New Moon” to hit theaters in November.

“To be honest, I really wasn’t [into the ‘Twilight’ franchise],” she told MTV News. “I never read the books, I never saw the movie. And then, I got the wonderful opportunity of meeting Taylor, and we became friends, and I watched it ’cause I love to support my friends, and I ended up loving it.”


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HARVARD LAMPOON’S ‘NIGHTLIGHT’ COMING TO SHELVES THIS NOVEMBER These days, everyone’s trying to get a piece of the “Twilight” action. And while parodying the Stephenie Meyer vampire saga is nothing new, we’re sure the great brains at the Harvard Lampoon will do something original with their first novel in 40 years, “Nightlight.”

The book, published by Random House’s Vintage Books imprint, will hit your local bookstore on November 3. According to, it will focus on a young lady named Belle Goose, who is described as “pale and klutzy.” When she moves to Switchblade, Oregon, she meets a fellow high school student named Edwart Mullen.

Belle, who has an obsession with vampires, convinces herself that the “super-hot computer nerd with zero interest in girls” is one because does things she considers supernatural like leaving his Tater Tots untouched at lunch and saving her from a flying snowball.

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