WHAT CAN CHRIS WEITZ BRING TO THE TWILIGHT FRANCHISE? Chris Weitz was not an obvious choice to take over the 2nd installment in the Twilight saga, New Moon from Catherine Hardwicke. But there are some issues worth pointing out, which in the end, may affect the Box office results and critical acclaim of the second Twilight film adaptation…

Can he make a difference and give the fans what they really want? Can he entice this ‘hostile’ group into watching New Moon? Can Weitz level the playing field between Taylor Lautner and the very popular Robert Pattinson?

Why direct the movie: The tonality of the movie, which has a lot to do with heartbreak and longing, depression and reunion and ecstasy — these were emotions that struck a chord in me.

Collaboration with Stephenie Meyer: Crucially, she approved me as director, and she didn’t have to. We had some discussions that were very important — my convincing her that I didn’t want to take her baby and run away with it, or tell a story that was counter to the spirit of what she was trying to tell.

In response to a question about his approach in directing a movie that almost everyone already know the ending, he said:  I regard myself as fan as much as any other, and the way that I see the book in my head is just like any other fan’s ability, except that I happen to have tens of millions of dollars at my disposal to realize that vision. One hopes that it’s a strong enough envisioning of the book that people will be amused and entertained and excited even though they know how things are going to end.”

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TWILIGHT PUMPKINS ARE ALL THE RAGE THIS HALLOWEEN Halloween is just round the corner and now is the time for us to start searching for those all important pumpkin carving templates. Each year there always seems to be a popular theme, we know that vampires are a popular theme for Halloween costumes and that has filtered over to these templates, with Twilight being a popular theme.

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A NEW CLIP OF PATTINSON AND STEWART! To go along with Edward/Bella vs. Volturi and the two TV spots this month (can be seen here and here), there is a very brief clip from Extra called “Celebrate”, featuring Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

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RPATTZ BEATS OUT DRACULA FOR TITLE OF BEST VAMPIRE The 23-year-old actor’s vampire received 38 per cent of the vote ahead of Christopher Lee’s portrayal of Dracula in second. In third place in the Pearl And Dean survey with 10 per cent of the vote was Wesley Snipes as Blade. Other notable entries included Keifer Sutherland for The Lost Boys in seventh and Max Schreck’s portrayl of Graf Orlok in Nosferatu in ninth.

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KIRSTEN PROUT TALKS ABOUT ECLIPSE Kirsten Prout has finally spoken out about her work on The Twilight Saga: Eclipse as Lucy, the vampire from Jasper (Jackson Rathbone)’s history who doomed herself by her stint of betrayal.

Prout talked with LimeLife about her character in Eclipse, and she seemed pretty excited about the type of person she’d have to become in order to be Lucy.

She says of her character Lucy, “The character is extremely predatory and what’s amazing about playing a vampire is you are a predator and you lure in your prey and then you turn on them” and believes she was partly chosen for the role because of how pale she is! They didn’t have to do any air-brushing on her because she’s quite pale enough.

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DANIEL CUDMORE TALKS ABOUT BEATING UP EDWARD In case you haven’t seen it, one of the newest clips for The Twilight Saga: New Moon involves a very brutal, face-cracking fight scene between Felix (Daniel Cudmore) and Edward (Robert Pattinson).

Recently, Cudmore was interviewed by FoForks, a Brazilian Twilight series fansite, and he got the chance to discuss that very fight scene.

[I]t was a fun fight scene to work on and Robert really liked doing as much of the fight as he could, I slept like a baby afterwards. We’ll see how everyone feels after the movie comes out, and if they don’t like my character, then I did a good job.

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ASHLEY GREENE TOTALLY GETS WHY WE LOVE TWILIGHT With “New Moon” less than a month away (hooray!), and Alice Cullen’s screen time substantially increased, we caught up with the actress and occasional MTV News correspondent to get her latest thoughts on stealing expensive cars, playing board games with Kellan Lutz, and the “New Moon” cast’s shared love of … kittens?

MTV: What was your favorite “New Moon” scene to shoot?

Ashley Greene: Of course, the Porsche was incredible, the whole experience of filming [that scene]. Working with Michael Sheen, it was just really funny how he created this whole atmosphere out of the scene and could switch it up. Everything that he did was a little bit inspired, and so the whole Volturi scene with him was really fun to do.

MTV: You guys have become such good friends and have so much downtime between takes. What sort of things do you talk about when the cameras aren’t rolling?

Greene: Between takes? Gosh, everything. YouTube was a big topic of conversation; we were sharing YouTube videos. Which was kinda funny, because [we’d be filming a] really intense situation, and then they would yell, “Cut!” and we would have 20 minutes and we’d break out “Kittens Inspired by Kittens.” It’s this little girl reading a kittens book. [Laughs.]

MTV: There’s so much “Twilight” merchandise out there. Do you own any?

Greene: I have a couple shirts. I have a couple things from “Twilight” that I want to keep as memorabilia, and so I have a couple shirts. I definitely have the necklace. While filming, Kellan bought the “Twilight” game, and we played. We made Xavier [Samuel] play it, the poor new kid. We were like, “The new kid will play!” and so we had Xavier come over and Peter Facinelli came over. Me and him and those two guys and Kellan played the “Twilight” game. And I won. I’m just saying. No big deal.

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TEST YOUR TWILIGHT AND VAMPIRE KNOWLEDGE Movie vampires, from Nosferatu to the Twilight stars, say the most devilish things. What vampire threatens, “I’m not gonna drain you completely. You’re gonna turn for me. You’ll be my slave.” Which teen vamp utters, “It is too late, my blood is in your veins?” Can you out-vex the vamps in this quiz?

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