TIMBALAND WANTS EDWARD & BELLA IN HIS VIDEO Ever since their careers exploded around last year at this time, it’s rare to see “Twilight” stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart doing anything other than slaving away on the sets of “New Moon” and the next sequel, “Eclipse.” Now, Timbaland wants to give the sexy duo a chance to let their hair down on his next music video — and if anybody can make it happen, it’s the Grammy-winning producer and rapper.

“I want the same characters of ‘Twilight,’ which I’ve almost got.”

Morning After Dark” seizes on some of the darker themes in her world. Now he says he’s on the verge of getting Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and possibly other “Twilight” stars to appear in the video.

“If I get Bella and Edward, it would be [ideal],” he explained. “I’m gonna give a twist to it, though.”

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TICKETS ON SALE FOR UK MIDNIGHT SHOWS NOW New Moon tickets are finally on sale! And of course, there are midnight showings available!

You can purchase your tickets at Odeon, MovieTickets, MyVue, and Showcase!

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NEW MOON PREDICTIONS As the films (and books) gain in popularity, so do the amount of people who want in on some of that action. Enter: Glynis McCants, a numerologist who believes that by adding up the numbers in the movie’s release dates, she can expertly predict good things in the near Twilight future.

According to McCants, when the original Twilight hit theaters last year on November 21, 2008, because the numbers ultimately added up to a 6, that meant the film was magnetic and we were all drawn to it without having a choice in the matter. McCants goes on to reveal the same sort of good vibes for the release dates of both New Moon and Eclipse, and even notes that Summit Entertainment may have picked these dates for a reason … because they knew they’d have success … because the numbers all added up to a 6.

So what do you think? Is Summit Entertainment in cahoots with the number gods, choosing release dates simply because the numbers add up to good things?

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www.popwatch.comNew Moon lights up the big screen exactly a month from today, and now there’s even more teaser material: This latest clip has Bella getting angry and Jacob getting, er, wolfy. Rawr! I mean literally:

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UNDERSTANDING THE TWILIGHT FANDOM: THE TICKET BUYER SURVEY “Obviously, ‘Twilight’ had a huge following of book readers before the first movie was released,” said Harry Medved, a spokesperson for Fandango, sharing the results of the movie-ticketing site’s online survey exclusively with MTV News. “But these results might indicate that the first movie broadened the ‘Twilight’ following and expanded its audience — and that many moviegoers started reading the books after seeing the movie.”

Indeed, the statistics indicate that that out of 2,500 recent “New Moon” ticket-buyers surveyed, an astounding 96 percent had read the novel — and 94 percent had read the entire series. But the tale gets even more interesting when you realize that 68 percent of the ticket-buyers weren’t aware of the “Twilight” franchise until the first film was released in November 2008. So, in essence, only 32 percent of the fans who have bought “New Moon” tickets have been “Twilight” fans for longer than 12 months.

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JACKSON SAYS THERE IS PLENTY OF EDWARD IN NEW MOON Since Robert Pattinson’s Edward Cullen departs early in the book, he is largely absent, and the rest of the Cullens aren’t seen until the end of the story either.

“It’s one of those things where we want to follow as closely to the books as possible,” Rathbone said. “In ‘New Moon,’ you don’t see that much of the Cullens. You really don’t. So there’s not too much of us in there.”

“I’ve heard people are concerned about Edward and the Cullens not being in the film, but Edward is very prominent in the film, especially in Bella’s mind. The way that [director] Chris Weitz worked it out is beautiful, and I think that people are going to love it,” Rathbone said.

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10 SONGS SPOOKY ENOUGH FOR THE NEW MOON SOUNDTRACK By the time the film hits theatres, fickle fans will be sick of the soundtrack. With that in mind, we have created a new mix for New Moon, one that compiles some of the best werewolf- and vampire-themed songs in history.

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HOW TO DRESS LIKE VOLTURI GUARD JANE FOR HALLOWEEN Though some would argue that the Saga’s vegetarian blocksuckers aren’t that scary, one “New Moon” character sure to cause a fright on All Hallows’ Eve is Volturi guard member Jane (played by Dakota Fanning). Fans of the novel already know Jane is a pint-sized pain inflictor. Just one thought from the evil blonde and helpless prey lie writhing on the floor in the worst agony imaginable. Mimicking her signature, creeptastic look, however, is purely pain free.

  • Get Jane’s blood-red stare by popping in a pair of colored contacts.
  • To recreate Jane’s gothic school girl outfit, start with a black-long sleeve dress.
  • To protect yourself from the sun’s glimmer-inducing rays, tie on a hooded cape.
  • Get a pair of Maryjanes and a Volturi Crest necklace to accessorize.
  • For makeup: wear lots of black eyeline and pile on the pale makeup!

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DON’T FORGET TO GET YOUR FREE ITUNES NEW MOON CLIP TODAY! The exciting news is that this clip is 100% FREE. Just make your way to the iTunes Store and queue it up to download. You can get to iTunes’ direct “Twilight portal” at, where you’ll also find the newly released New Moon soundtrack, Twilight (the movie) as a digital download, and more. The clip will arrive tomorrow morning “when the iTunes Store typically turns over,” according to Apple publicity, so just keep checking until the goods are live.

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PATTINSON IS SEXIER THAN MEGAN FOX AND KRISTEN STEWART (DUH!) Robert Pattinson is #1 on Glamour 30 Sexiest Under 30 this year! Megan Fox came in second place and Kristen Stewart was voted fourth. Go RPattz!

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POPSUGAR HAS 11 NEW ‘NEW MOON’ PICS! Popsugar just posted 11 new pics, check them out!

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