Robert Pattinson Spotted In New Baton Rouge,LA Taft School Clip

Robert Pattinson spotted in new Baton Rouge,LA Taft school clip. Well as we all know, Twilight Saga superstar Robert Pattinson is currently down in Baton Rouge,Louisiana for the pre-production of the upcoming “Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn” movie. However, he has recently shown up up in this new clip,which I’m still not quite up to speed on,but it is pretty funny,and apparently gives the Taft School kids a day off.

Robert helped Peter Berg who is the director of the new Battleship movie and an alumni of the Taft School in Watertown,CT,announce something called a Headmaster’s Holiday. From what I gathered on the celebuzz site, The holiday is a long tradition,and Peter Berg traveled down to Louisiana to get Robert Pattinson’s help in filming this odd video to announce it.


I loved how they made Rob appear so “mysteriously” :D. It had been a while since I saw him in anything new and he was really funny here, acting all sure of what he was saying in an Edward interpretation. I’m so curious to see him and the others in something Breaking Dawn related!

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And, don’t forget to go see Kristen Stewart in ‘Welcome to the Rileys’ in theaters today. It looks like a great movie 🙂