NEW STILLS FROM NEW MOON Several new stills from “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” have been released by distributor Summit Entertainment. For those few who may possibly have been residing on another planet lately, the movie, based on the second in Stephanie Meyer’s runaway bestselling series, opens in a scant two weeks.

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NEW MOON’S MONSTER MAKER TALKS WOLVES Master creature-maker Phil Tippett has been hard at work on the “Twilight” franchise, especially the werewolves for the upcoming “New Moon,” which have proven especially challenging.

“A lot of the stuff we’re shooting is in the worst conditions possible for computer graphics,” he says. “The skies are overcast, so the lighting is very flat. Unlike something like ‘Transformers’ or ‘District 9’ where you have a lot of light kicking off hard-shell candy surfaces, we have … wolves (with) fur, and fur soaks up light.”

The “Twilight” pics are being made at a breakneck pace, with post on one overlapping shooting on the next. But even scrambling with the second unit to make their daily quota, says Tippett, “We just have a blast. We call it doing the Vulcan mind-meld thing, where we’re reading each others’ minds because we’re working so fast.”

As for his work on “Twilight,” Tippett can only smile. “Everybody tries to have fun,” he says. “I hope that leaks out on the shots.”

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NEW MOON CAST SPILL SET SECRETS The following are some of the secrets revealed in Glamour magazine by the cast of ‘New Moon’ :

Which of the New Moon cast would you choose to help in fight?
Nikki: Jackson
Kellan: None. I wouldn’t need the help in a fight!
Ashley: Kellan
Jackson: Nikki

Which member of the cast would you get to style you?
Nikki: Kellan
Kellan: Alex Meraz, who plays one of the werewolves, has good style.
Ashley: Rachelle Lefevre, although Kristen and I have the same taste in jeans
Jackson: Ashley

Who in the cast would you go to for relationship advice?
Kellan: Ashley Greene. We’re very close and it’s great to have someone especially as you work with them, just to talk to for advice.
Nikki: Elizabeth Reaser. She has a good head on her shoulders
Ashley: I ask Kellan a lot about guys because he’s honest with me and she’s new but Bryce Dallas Howard is really nurturing and kind of motherly.
Jackson: Peter Facinelli. He’s got a wife, kids, beautiful home. That’s gorgeous. Someday hopefully, I’m taking tips from him.

Which member of the cast would you get to cook dinner?
Nikki: Peter Facinelli
Kellan: Ashley
Ashley: Peter Facinelli – he always says he’s cooked too much and invites us round to eat it!
Jackson: Peter Facinelli

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TWILITH SPOOFED ON SNL! With Chris Weitz’sTwilight Saga: New Moon opening on November 20 (and Twilight reprising in theaters the night before), every media outlet worth their salt is trying to grab a piece of the Twilight fan base. Saturday Night Live is no exception. (See trailer for Firelight, starring Taylor Swift, below.)

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