A NEW NEW NEW MOON TV SPOT I can’t recall seeing that shot of Bella (Kristen Stewart) reflected in the eye of the wolf — a cool visual, by the way — but everything around it seems familiar. So let us know please, in the comments section below or @MTVMoviesBlog on Twitter.

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MICHAEL SHEEN’S DAUGHTER IS A TWILIGHT FAN “My daughter is a ‘Twilight’ fan, and my daughter’s dad is in the next ‘Twilight’ movie,” Beckinsale told Moviefone at Tuesday’s premiere of her film ‘Everybody’s Fine’ in Hollywood at the AFI Film Festival. “It was the book. She refused to see the film for ages. She was a book purist. I think it’s just incredibly romantic. It’s in search of that sensitive teenage boy who doesn’t exist.”

Lily’s dad, Welsh actor Michael Sheen, who is also Beckinsale’s ex-partner, stars in ‘New Moon,’ the new ‘Twilight’ movie that comes out Nov. 20.

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CHECK OUT THE ECLIPSE POSTER We’re sure most Twilight fans out there are focused on the upcoming premiere of New Moon — but there’s already promotional buzz building for the third movie in the saga, Eclipse, which just wrapped filming in Vancouver. This promo poster was spotted at the American Film Market conference in L.A. this week and originally posted by Dread Central.

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GIL BIRMINGHAM THINKS TWILIGHT IS SHAKESPEARE Interviewed on Neyom Friday, the actor who plays Billy Black—whose son is werewolf Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner)—offers his take on why Twilight is so captivating and addictive to audiences the world over.

“It’s the story of Romeo and Juliet. I think people tap into the heart more than anything. And that’s what they feel, even if it is a fantasy Teststory,” Gil tells host Neyom Friday.

“It’s been spoken of before, but nobody has ever witnessed it or experienced it,” Gil (above with Taylor) tells us of Jacob’s transformation into a werewolf in “New Moon.”

“It speaks to the longing that I think we all have, to love and to wanna be loved—and higher aspirations of ourselves.

“That’s why I feel proud to be part of it: It’s not filled with graphic violence or gratuitous sex. It makes you feel good.”

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JAMIE CAMPBELL BOWER THINKS TIM BURTON SHOULD DIRECT BREAKING DAWN (YEAH!) Tim Burton digs supernatural stories: the goth-comic ghost tale of “Beetlejuice,” the headless killer from the great beyond in “Sleepy Hollow,” the undead love story of “Corpse Bride.” In a way, Burton knows vampires too, resurrecting Bela Lugosi — the definitive cinematic Count Dracula — in the Oscar-winning biopic “Ed Wood.”

All of this has made “New Moon” vampire Jamie Campbell Bower think that Burton should direct “Breaking Dawn,” the expected film adaptation of the final book in Stephenie Meyer’s “Twilight” series.

“It’d be cool if Burton came and did ‘Breaking Dawn,’ ” Campbell Bower told MTV News of his “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street” director. “I think he’d just change it up. I think he’d screw around with it quite a lot, and aesthetically, I think it’d be incredibly different. I don’t know if the fans would like it, but I’d sure like it.”

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