ROBERT PATTINSON ON ELLEN TODAY! Today is the day! He’s finally here, the hottest man on the planet right now — ROBERT PATTINSON! The gorgeous guy has been stealing the hearts of women across the world since he played the vampire Edward in “Twilight”. Now he’s in the sequel “New Moon” and is being literally mobbed everywhere he goes. Today he’s coming here and I can’t wait!

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WHAT MESSAGE DOES TWILIGHT CONVEY TO TEENS? A movie version of “New Moon,” the second and, arguably, most obnoxious, of the “Twilight” series is set to be released at midnight, and it got me to thinking – just what are Twi-hard teen fans learning from this cultural phenomenon? Are they just silly romantic fantasy novels? Or is Edward Cullen a more sinister hero than is healthy in a teen fiction book?

 In “New Moon,” Bella and Edward are getting settled into a nice routine when, on Bella’s 18th birthday, Edward’s “brother” nearly snacks on Bella when she cuts her finger. Edward decides that he is too dangerous for Bella and leaves town, leaving Bella all angsty and heartbroken. Pretty decent start to a story about star-crossed lovers, right?

But here’s where it gets really objectionable. When Edward leaves, Bella completely falls apart emotionally – for months. He leaves, and she lays down in the woods, forcing her friends and family to search for her. She then spends months brooding, emotionally dead to the world, before she is finally brought out of her angsty stupor when she realizes that when she does dangerous things, she hears Edward’s voice in her head telling her not to do anything stupid. She meets up with Jacob Black (who is part of an American Indian tribe where boys can turn into wolves), who helps her learn how to ride a motorcycle. She then dives off a flippin’ cliff to hear Edward’s voice and nearly dies. Edward thinks she does die, so then he tries to kill himself (which is kind of difficult for vampires). It’s sort of Romeo & Juliet, actually.

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