Summit Releases Exclusive Twilight ‘Eclipse’ Featurette With New Footage Summit releases exclusive Twilight ‘Eclipse’ featurette with new footage. Summit Entertainment recently released a “Twilight Saga: Eclipse” featurette (below) on the new “New Moon” dvd that shows unseen footage from the film,along with interviews from a lot of the castmembers. A user has recently uploaded that footage onto Youtube so we could all have a look see. The clip (below) starts off showing behind-the-scenes footage. Then Xavier Samuel who plays Riley said, “This is a war. You know, it’s a full scale war.”

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Twilight Actor Wants To Release Album In 2011 The 23-year-old who has starred in both the Twilight and Harry Potter series, told The Sun he already writing material for the record.

“I want to do one at the end of the year,” said Pattinson. “All my friends are recording albums and I’m very annoyed about it.”

Since Pattinson recently revealed he had interest in becoming a musician, it’s been said several major record labels are in a bidding war to sign the actor. Unlike most celebrities in the film industry, Pattinson has had experience when it comes to music as he contributed two songs for the score of the original Twilight movie.

“I don’t know how people can act and also sing,” he said. “I’ll find some time to do it.”


OMG! In my opinion that sneak peek was better than the trailer, lol. Had to watch it more than once to see everything and everyone. We can even see part of the training Jasper gives them, and Leah! I can’t wait to see what David Slade did.

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I like the way Rob’s friends sing and I would like to hear more of Rob. What do you think? Should he sing or not?