Kristen Stewart Talks Pregnancy & Becoming a Vampire in “Twilight: Eclipse”

During the Twilight Saga: Eclipse movie premiere this past Thursday at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles, Ca., Kristen Stewart was asked about how she would handle being pregnant, becoming a mother and becoming a vampire for the next installment of the Twilight Saga movies: Breaking Dawn.

Stewart said she was not mentally there yet as in she had not mentally prepared herself for the role of Bella becoming all those things yet.

The interview is quick but it allows us some insight into the deep levels an actor must get to before doing their character justice.

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‘Twilight: Eclipse’ fight coordinator Jonathan Eusebio

Doane Gregory / Summit Entertainment Majoring in biology at UC Irvine may not have been the most obvious preparation for a career as a fight coordinator for films, including “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.” Still, Jonathan Eusebio sees value in his studies of mitochondria and cytoskeletons.

“Biology doesn’t relate to film but school teaches you how to interact with different types of people, be disciplined and turn things in on a deadline,” he said. “School gives you those necessary skills to get things done.”

Lively up yourself: While the previous “Twilight” installments may have been more focused on emotions, the third movie packs a real punch. “It wasn’t a fight-intensive series to begin with, but the third one is starting to get a lot of battles,” Eusebio said “There’s a big sequence when the Cullens have to train for fighting [another group of] vampires. There’s a big charge at the end where the Cullens have to fight all the newborn vampires. And then there’s a big scene where Edward has to fend off Victoria and her new lover Riley. So this movie has a lot of action going on in there.”

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Twilight Eclipse Night: Denver Last night hundreds of Twilight fans gathered at Sloan’s Lake Park in Denver for Twilight Night, a special celebration in honor of the upcoming movie, “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse,” and the evening’s lunar eclipse.

The event featured a screening of The Twilight Saga: New Moon, along with special appearances by two supporting cast members, Booboo Stewart and Tinsel Korey. The two play Seth Clearwater and Emily, members of the Quileute tribe and the Wolf Pack, the werewolves of Twilight.

Fans of all ages showed up at the park as early as 4:00 to show their excitement for Eclipse. Groups of teenagers and families with young children huddled under umbrellas in the pouring rain. They clutched dog-eared copies of Stephenie Meyer’s novels, along with water bottles, cell phones, magazines, posters, jewelry, T-shirts, and notebooks all emblazoned with the Twilight logo.

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See ‘Eclipse’ film locations in Vancouver, B.C.

You don’t need to travel far to enter the Twilight zone. Just head to Vancouver, B.C., where “Eclipse,” the third in the wildly popular vampire-love movies based on the Twilight novels, was filmed.

The book, by Stephenie Meyer, is set mostly in Forks and La Push on the Olympic Peninsula and in Seattle. But the movie, being released on June 30, was filmed in locations around Vancouver, from downtown streets to densely wooded suburban parks that substitute for places in Washington state.

Fans have been tracking down “Eclipse” filming locations since last summer and fall when the movie was shot. The film company, Summit Entertainment, won’t release details on locations. However, the online fan community is buzzing with swooning tales of “Eclipse” star sightings and shooting locations in Vancouver.

Once they’ve seen the movie, even more “Twi-hards” are expected to trace the characters’ footsteps — and love and battle scenes — in Vancouver.

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“Twilight” Finally Hits Its Stride With Third Film

It took three films, but “The Twilight Saga” finally nails just the right tone in “Eclipse,” a film that neatly balances the teenage operatic passions from Stephenie Meyer’s novels with the movies’ supernatural trappings.

With the momentum of a movie series that sees installments arriving like clockwork every year, “Eclipse” looks primed to be the most successful film yet in Summit Entertainment’s franchise upon its Wednesday release. The action is pretty much relegated to the climax, but it’s nifty enough that young men may get into the series too even if “Eclipse” isn’t their first choice on a Friday night.

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‘Bree Tanner’ million-seller in less than a month

Stephenie Meyer (MY’-er), author of the “Twilight Saga,” has yet another smash hit on her hands.

“The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner: an Eclipse Novella” has scored sales of more than 1 million copies in the U.S. since its June 5 release.

Publisher Little, Brown Books for Young Readers said Monday it now ranks as the year’s best-selling book so far. It had debuted on several best-seller lists in the U.S., as well as in numerous countries around the world.


Eclipse Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg on Fans: ‘They’re Coming After Me a Little Bit Already!’ In many ways, Melissa Rosenberg has the Twilight franchise’s most difficult job: as screenwriter, she has to satisfy not just the original novelist Stephenie Meyer, but the actors (including Kristen Stewart, who famously won’t say a line if she doesn’t believe it), directors, and fans, too. The imminent Eclipse is her third crack at the series, and up next is the very controversial Breaking Dawn, which Rosenberg is busily splitting into two movies.

In a candid interview with Movieline, Rosenberg discussed fan frustrations, her thoughts on Summit’s director selections, and just how she pictures that Breaking Dawn split.

You’re working now on Breaking Dawn, which will be split into two movies. Do you treat each of those parts like they’re their own film, or like it’s one film split in two?
There’s absolutely a difference. Each one has to be approached as a separate movie, and each story has to stand alone.

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Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg Video Interview During the extended interview she discussed how working for director David Slade was different than Catherine Hardwicke and Chris Weitz, how much time she’s spent writing all the Twilight films, what was cut out of Eclipse, and regarding Breaking Dawn…I asked her how long she knew it was going to be two films, when exactly did she start writing the films, what was her reaction to Bill Condon directing the final installments, how has she been working with Condon on the script, and we ended the interview talking about with the 4th book being the most controversial among the fans, how is it for her to tackle the writing.  She talks about how some fans want an R rating and she explains why it doesn’t have to be so graphic.

New ‘Eclipse’ Photo!! (PHOTO) See All of the Wolf Pack Members With Their Wolves!

A new Twilight ‘Eclipse’ photo has hit the web!  Here is a really neat photo of all of the wolf pack members with their wolves!  The photo is believed to be from the ‘Eclipse’ Movie Companion, but the folks over at who were kind enough to post this, weren’t 100% sure.


Apparently the’Twilight’ Saga Ruins Marriages

Too much of something is never okay. Whether it’s food, sleep or even exercise, overdosing leads to problems. Apparently the same is true for movies. There are loads of folks out there who are diehard Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings or Star Wars fans, but, according to an LA Times article, it’s an obsession with The Twilight Saga that’s most troublesome. Twilight lovers are sacrificing their relationship for Stephenie Meyer’s books and the film adaptations.

The general stereotype pegs teenage girls as being the main source of Twihards when, in fact, there’s hoards of Twilight moms and even grandmas out there. One fan, 31-year-old Chrystal Johnson revealed, “My husband finally came to me and said, ‘I think you love Twilight more than you love me.'” From there the couple separated and Johnson had to go through some major Twilight detox before being able to rebuild her relationship.

The arguments proposed here do make sense, but I still don’t see a glaring difference between love for Twilight and love for something else like fantasy football, a particular celebrity, a TV show, a hobby or anything for that matter. The issue isn’t Twilight, it’s the concept of being obsessed with something. Obsessions can lead a person to do strange things whether it’s to camp out outside the Nokia Theatre in LA for the Eclipse premiere, to drop loads of cash on a concert ticket to see a beloved singer or even to wake up at an ungodly hour because your favorite soccer team is playing in the World Cup.

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Well, if that wolf pack photo is real or not, it still helps me putting a face to the wolf 🙂 I can only remember that the black one is Sam. What do you think about that?

It’ll be different, weird and cute to see Kristen pregnant in Breaking Dawn! I hope they leave the ‘I’m so big, I can’t even see my feet’ quote. We just have to wait until October to start seeing pictures and more details about the film, and Renesmee. It is also so great that Bree’s novella has helped Red Cross with it’s more that 1 million copies sold. I can say that I’ve contributed there 😀  Have you gotten your copy?

What are some of the scenes that you’re really looking forward to see in Breaking Dawn? Where do you think it should be split?

What do you think of Melissa Rosenberg’s interviews?

Is twilight a bad obsession? What are your thoughts on that?

Give us your comments on today’s twilight news!