Kristen Stewart Won’t Wear A Wig In ‘Breaking Dawn’: ‘I’m Going To Have My Own Hair’

We’ll admit, we were one of many who jumped in on the bashing-of-Kristen-Stewart’s-wig-in-“Eclipse” bandwagon, but hey, it didn’t look that great! After seeing the movie, it wasn’t as bad as we were anticipating, but there were still come scenes in the film that it looked pretty obvious.

After rounds and rounds and rounds of interviews, someone (very unlikely, might we add) finally asked her about WigGate: George Lopez. We’re guessing Kristen’s dad, who works for the show, prompted the question, but still, we’re glad someone had the guts to speak up.

“Is it widely known that, in ‘Eclipse,’ that you were wearing a wig?” George innocently asked Kristen, and she laughingly answered “yeah” just as the audience members started yelling out, “Yesssss!”

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Taylor Lautner Talks Werewolf Vs. Vampire Fights On ‘Letterman’

“Eclipse” has been tearing up the multiplex for days, but that doesn’t mean the vampire film’s stars get a break from their appearance-a-minute publicity duties. Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed and Xavier Samuel have already jetted across the pond for the London premiere, and the cast is expected to pop up at random surprise appearances across the U.S. throughout the weekend.

Lucky for Taylor Lautner, then, that the “Late Show With David Letterman” actually tapes in the afternoon, so perhaps the 18-year-old was able to get a decent night’s sleep before the hectic weekend schedule shifts into gear. Wearing a fitted gray suit, Lautner chatted with the talk-show host about his persistent onscreen shirtlessness, who would win in a fight between a vampire and a werewolf, and how he got started in the business.

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Questioning Chief Swan: Billy Burke on Kristen Stewart, his debut album The Ministry has previously highlighted the struggles of “The Twilight Saga’s” ordinary humans, and perhaps the most popular is Kristen Stewart‘s on-screen dad, Billy Burke.

Ministry of Gossip: So this is the third time around playing Bella’s dad. Are you and Kristen on autopilot at this point?

Billy Burke: We sort of jumped right in from the get-go. We naturally have a similar relationship [to Charlie and Bella], you know, we don’t bring a lot of baggage. But I feel like she could take care of me. She’s a very strong and solid individual.

MoG: You’re a fan favorite, but we don’t see many photos of you grocery shopping or working out. How do you avoid the attention?

BB: It happens once in a while on the street, but I’m really not recognizable without the Charlie mustache.

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Composer Howard Shore
© 2008 Benjamin Ealovega Though the TWILIGHT saga is still relatively young with two released entries, the rock chords of Carter Burwell, and the lush romance of Alexandre Desplat in NEW MOON have captured all the teen angst of virginity vs. vampirism. Now as the series’ tone takes a twist to the dark side for ECLIPSE, the franchise’s oldest music voice yet has been called upon to play the conflict between Team Edward and Team Jacob. And TWILIGHT couldn’t hope for a better prince of darkness than Howard Shore, whose famed, surging walls of string insanity and pounding percussion have included the likes of SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, THE CELL and SEVEN. It wouldn’t surprise if Shore truly went for the throat given that ECLIPSE has been directed by David Slade, whose 30 DAYS OF NIGHT stands as one of the most brutal mainstream vampire films in memory.

iF: How did you get the job to score ECLIPSE?

HOWARD SHORE: I just got a call about doing it. When I saw ECLIPSE, I thought it was a good story. And I had enjoyed the other two movies, which I thought Carter Burwell and Alexandre Desplat had done a very good job scoring. Now I thought it would be interesting to write a third part, because the story expands so much in ECLIPSE. And that gives your music a lot to work dramatically with. That made this score particularly fun to create. It’s like a relay race. Carter had passed the baton to Alexander. Now I’ve got it. And I hope I’ve created music that breathes life to the series, and will take viewers into the final part of the story.

iF: ECLIPSE is certainly the biggest score that David Slade has had for one of his films- and certainly a very different vampire score from the brilliantly insane one that Brian Reitzell did for Slade’s 30 DAYS OF NIGHT.

SHORE: David’s a terrific director, especially because he’s very detailed in his approach. He knows how music should be used to drive the story, and express the characters’ feelings. It was a good collaboration.

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Eclipse Opens Big!

Eclipse hit theater screens beginning at midnight on June 30th, to rabid Twi-hard fans (who apparently couldn’t handle the scares in the Paranormal Activity 2 teaser), and has collected a whopping estimated $68.2 million in its first day.

If the estimate holds, this would knock The Dark Knight out of second place for that record, but it still wouldn’t best New Moon‘s top single-day earning of $72.7 million. Still, Eclipse beat Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen for biggest Wednesday opening, besting that film’s $62 million take.


Vampires rule People’s Choice Awards The people have chosen vampires.

“The Twilight Saga,” “True Blood” and “The Vampire Diaries” all sucked up trophies Wednesday at the 36th annual People’s Choice Awards.

“Twilight” won four trophies, including favorite movie, franchise and on-screen team for the dreamy trio of Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner, who also picked up the breakout male actor award.

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There were scenes where Kristen’s wig looked funny, her hair or the wig’s hair would be one way or the other, curly ends, but the one that looked like it would fall any minute was Victoria’s. I’m not saying anything against Bryce, just the wig. There is still time for Kristen’s hair to grow from here to October, Billy’s mustache too 😉 What did you think of the wigs this time around? What do you think of Billy Burk as Charlie?

Oh, I have to admit that I loved the Power Rangers when little, martial arts have always been interesting, thank Zordon for the blue Ranger who gave us Taylor. I think he is just great as Jacob 🙂

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