Kristen Stewart is no longer in the running for the Girl With a Dragon Tattoo For awhile it was rumored that Kristen Stewart is in the running for the lead in the US adaptation of the worldwide bestseller, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. The book, which was written by Swedish author Stieg Larsson, is one of the hottest and highly anticipated book-to-movie adaptations with many young actresses gunning for the role. Among those who are rumored to be in the running for the role is Carrey Mulligan, Emily Browning, Mia Wasikowska and Ellen Page.

In an article by Ted Casablanca, it appears that Kristen has been scratched off the list and is no longer in the running for the role.

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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Wax Figures Here’s a photo taken at the Hollywood Wax Museum in Gatlinburg, TN featuring wax figures of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan from the upcoming film “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn” based on the novel by Stephenie Meyer.

Which Twilight Star Drives a Retro Mustang? It’s Cam Gigandet in this throwback car.

This Twilight star was spotted tooling around Los Angeles, smoking a cigarette in his old-school Mustang.

He had a memorable fight scene in the first movie with another hunky heartthrob but, in real life, this actor turned onscreen vampire is just busy being a first time dad.

Kristen Stewart knitting on the set of Eclipse, Jasper’s Wig, AND what Stephenie Meyer thought of Bryce Dallas Howard as Victoria Here is part 2 of the Eclipse movie portion of our Stephenie Meyer interview. Today we will talk Jasper’s wig, Kristen Stewart learning to knit on the set, and Stephenie’s favorite flashback scene in Eclipse and much, much more. Plus : What does Stephenie think of Bryce Dallas Howard’s performance in Eclipse? You’ll soon find out!

SM: We re-enacted some scenes. You know Wyck the producer? He & Megahn did the tree climb. I was the camera man with the cell phone. Good times. *laughter* There is so much time in between takes & especially when they’re resetting. You spend a lot of time setting there. Most of the people on set picked up knitting including her (Meghan SM’s assistant).

Megahan: Kristen taught me how to pearl

SM: Gina the hair lady taught everybody to knit, she taught Kristen to knit.

Alison: Everybody wanted to know what those what Kristen was doing knitting they were like, “What is she doing knitting? Is that in the movie?” when those pictures came out.

SM: It’s very calming right? You can sit there & think while your hand (?) It’s a very popular thing. She (Meghan) makes really good scarves now. Stephenie Meyer talks about what she does in between takes, Kristen & indoor sets by twifans

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OK, I’ve must have been a little lust cause I never saw Kristen knit! But it was curious how everyone found something in common to do on set. I really liked the flashback stories in eclipse and seeing Jasper and Rosalie human and with red eyes was amazing. What do you think of this interviews?

What do you think of the wax figures? In my opinion, one of Rob’s eyes look kind of funny.

Have you read The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo? Do you think Kristen would have been good for the role?

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