‘Breaking Dawn’ Star Peter Facinelli Says Shooting Final Scene Was ‘Sad’ Production on the two parts of “Breaking Dawn” is expected to stretch well into April, with the cast eventually departing Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to finish up shooting on the final “Twilight Saga” films in Vancouver, Canada. But whereas the makers of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” chose to save that franchise’s final scene until the very end of production, the “Breaking Dawn” cast has already shot the last scene of their finale film — and it apparently was a pretty gloomy experience.

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Eastern Conference Champions ‘A Million Miles An Hour’ Official Video

Wow, it looks like this month we’ll be seeing a lot of Twilight related videos. Last week Jodelle Ferland aka Bree Tanner appeared in a Behind Sapphire music video (it might not be a song of the movie, but it has one of the cast members), and not long before that Fanfarlo, another band that appears in the Twilight Saga: Eclipse soundtrack also released the official video for “Atlas”. And, now we get the opportunity to see one more official video by the band Eastern Conference Champions, which I must say is a really good song 🙂

Robert Pattinson Has Bloody Nose In New Image Robert Pattinson has bloody nose in new image. Robert Pattinson was recently sighted back on the set of “Water For Elephants.” A new photo was released from the set and poor Rob looks like he was beaten to a pulp. His shirt is all dirtied up and his nose looks like it’s broken with blood trickling down his face. No need to worry though as the “Twilight Saga” star wasn’t really injured. In fact, we’re told that there’s a season in the film where Rob gets a pretty good beating from Christoph Waltz’ character August, an abusive animal trainer.

Oh my! It will definitely be exciting to see the last scene all put up together, with all those vampires and werewolves there. But it must have been overwhelming for them. Good thing they didn’t do it at the end and they can still enjoy some time together as cast and crew 🙂 But some of the cast seems to get along well, so they might still see each other after they finish filming the last of Breaking Dawn.

What do you think of Peter’s little interview? What do you think of the last scene not being left to film at the end?

What did you think of the “A Million Miles An Hour” video?

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