Trio Of ‘Twilight’ Stars Headed To TV: Here’s How Their New Roles Compare Say what you will about “The Twilight Saga,” but the franchise certainly does well for its actors and actresses. Case in point: Rachelle Lefevre, Jamie Campbell Bower and Christian Serratos have all landed their own television series since hanging out with some sparkly vampires. Does that good luck extend to reporters who write about “Twilight” as well?

Audiences will decide whether the shows make the cut or not, but most of them might not even recognize the actors from their roles in “Twilight.” After all, Rachelle is going from an evil vampire to a sexy doctor practicing in South America in “Off the Map,” Jamie landed the massive role of King Arthur in Starz’s “Camelot” and Christian is going back to high school in an as-yet-untitled ABC Family series about private school. However, we think these new roles have more in common with their “Twilight” parts than one might notice at first blush.

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Will Twilight Fans Be Disappointed in Edward and Bella’s Wedding? Finally, in “Breaking Dawn” the fourth Twilight movie and book, Twilight fans get the wedding they have been waiting for for: Edward and Bella get married. But, David Slade, the director of the “Twilight Saga: Eclipse” says that the wedding is probably going to be in the movie sooner than fans of the book would expect.

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FILM GREAT PERFORMANCES The Golden Globe nominations are out and people are already speculating about the Oscars.  But just because you’re not Meryl Streep doesn’t mean we at NYLON didn’t notice your outstanding performance.

Breakout Performance, Veteran: Dakota Fanning. We always knew she could act, but with The Runaways, the Georgia native transcended any shred of adorable and became something far more exciting:  A certified teenage movie star.

Best Acting in a Cheesy Movie: Jackson Rathbone. Those “Team Jasper” buttons were just speculation until Twilight Eclipse, when the actor and musician managed to give a goopy speech about killing new vampires – and make it sound like Shakespeare.  Maybe next, he’ll try the real thing.

50 Best Movies of 2010 Much has been debated about the quality of the top movies released this year, but that we were able to pull together a list of the 50 best movies of 2010 means it couldn’t have been so bad after all.

49. ‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’

We know what you’re thinking: ‘Twilight’? Really?! But before you judge, hear us out: While it didn’t exactly reinvent ‘Citizen Kane,’ at the end of the day, ‘Eclipse’ was a pretty fun time at the movies. Sure, it had its fair share of ‘Twilight’ trappings, and we still think Bella would have been better off with Jacob, not Edward. But as an action-thriller, ‘Eclipse’ totally worked. (The scene in which Bryce Dallas Howard gets her head smashed? Awesome.) If ever there was a time to embrace ‘The Twilight Saga,’ it would be 2010. — Andy Scott

Confessions of a Newborn Vampire: 10 mins w/ Twilight’s Jodelle Ferland SLMag’s guest blogger and former intern Brittany Hackett had the opportunity to interview Jodelle Ferland (Bree Tanner) over the weekend. Jodelle’s busy promoting the Twilight Saga: Eclipse (now on DVD).

BH: “How has your life changed since Eclipse?”

JF: “Well, my life has changed quite a bit, and in a lot of ways it stays the same. I’m still just, you know, a normal girl who enjoys hanging out with friends doing regular things. But, I mean I wouldn’t be here if it hadn’t been for Twilight. I’ve been doing all sorts of conventions, meeting a lot of fans. It’s just so much fun.”

BH: “Do you have any memorable moments from being on Eclipse?”

JF: “Well, I think honestly the whole movie was pretty memorable. Actually, I did have my 15th birthday on set, so that was pretty cool.”

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It would be interesting to see these new shows, especially Rachelle’s, TV shows with medical things always catch my attention 😉 and historical ones too. What do you think of these news TV series? Will you be seeing them?

I do think we’ll be seeing the wedding earlier in the film. The first two chapters can go by easily; Bella with her new car (if we see that), Charlie’s house scenes, Cullen’s house scenes and wedding. Do you think the wedding will be one of the first scenes or does something more like character back stories need to fill that time before it?

What did you think of Jackson and Dakota being in Nylon’s great performances list? What did you think of Eclipse being number 49 of moviefone’s best movies list?

That was a nice interview with Jodelle, it’s always great to hear from the rest of the twilight cast. What did you think of it? Join us in the forum for discussion!