Nikki Reed On Her ‘Twilight’ Costars: ‘We All Root For Each Other’ Isn’t it nice to know that the Cullen brood supports each other both onscreen and off? When MTV sat down with Nikki Reed to chat about her upcoming film, “Last Day of Summer,” she was quick to talk about how excited she was about all of her costars’ current projects as well.


Celebrate Stephenie Meyer Day 2010 in Forks Each year Forks Washington celebrates Stephenie Meyer Day on September 13th, Bella’s birthday. This year they are holding the festivities on the weekend since the 13th falls in the middle of the week.

Dazzled by Twilight and the City of Forks Celebrate Bella’s Birthday by Hosting 4th Annual Stephenie Meyer Day September 10th-12th 2010

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The citizens of Forks are gearing up for another fun and festive event weekend by hosting the fourth annual Stephenie Meyer Day!  During this weekend in Forks, citizens and guests will experience a plethora of activities dedicated to the Twilight series and the author who penned them, all in the very place where the wildly successful series is set.  Dazzled by Twilight, the town’s most exclusive Twilight-inspired store, will hold a number of fun events that you’ll be sure not to miss.

In addition to Dazzled by Twilight’s Stephenie Meyer Day events, they will be launching two new programs including their free news text program (text DAZZLED to 313131 to sign up now!)* as well as fun letters from Edward, Bella or any Twilight character called Letters From Forks.  Join us for a weekend you’ll never forget!


Who Was the King of Summer? Vote Now! So, did you have a good summer? One thing’s for sure, some of your favorite stars did.

We’re taking a look back at the guys who made an impact during the scorching months of 2010, and we need your help deciding who was The King of Summer! We’ve pulled names from some of the season’s biggest movie stars, hottest TV hunks and most successful music sensations for our tournament, and now we’re putting it in your hands.

Check out the 16 guys who made the cut for Round One. Vote for your faves, and eight will advance to Round Two on Wednesday.


Nikki Reed Says Filming ‘Breaking Dawn’ Will Be Like A Family Reunion After spending night and day together for months at a time, the cast and crew of a big-budget movie series can grow very close. Filming each installment in the franchise is a little like a family reunion—at least that’s how “Twilight” star Nikki Reed sees it.

The “Twilight Saga” actress told MTV News that she’s looking forward to filming “Breaking Dawn” because she’ll get to hang out with her costars again.


Stephenie Meyer thanks Chris Weitz for Michael Sheen, Edward Cullen is kind of a brat, and much more! YES, you might need earmuffs for this episode of as the “fan junket turns.” Stephenie Meyer uses the word brat, flawed, and Edward in the same sentence!!! Kim and I almost fell off the chair. But Stephenie confesses that she still likes Eddie. *wipes sweat from brow* She likes him so much that it was hard for her write him going away in ‘New Moon.’ Stephenie Meyer talks character development and Edward Cullen by twifans


Peter Facinelli Reacts to Being Named ‘Worst Vampire’ Peter Facinelli, who plays Dr. Carlisle Cullen in ‘The Twilight Saga,’ is tweeting about being named the silver screen’s No. 1 “worst vampire” by a Rolling Stone film critic.

“YES! I finally came in Number 1 in something!” the good-natured actor tweeted Wednesday evening, referring to RS writer Peter Travers‘ list of “The Best and Worst Vampires on Film and TV.”

“Facinelli is a solid actor, but playing Carlisle Cullen, the white-haired head of the fang-challenged Cullen vampire family, he looks about as terrifying as ‘Project Runway’ winner Austin Scarlett, whom Carlisle closely resembles,” Travers opined in his list.

“Thank you Mr. Travers,” Facinelli tweeted in response. “As Carlisle is a compassionate humanitarian, and anti-vampire in nature, being the worst vampire was quite the compliment. Although, you had me at “solid actor”. 🙂 I did find the comparison to Austin Scarlett utterly ridiculous though … He has way better cheek bones.”

Hot Topic’s New Hello Kitty Twilight Tees

For of those Hello Kitty and Twilight fans now you can have them both in one. Hot Topic released it’s new vampire and werewolf themed T-shirts which you can order HERE

Nikki seems to be well informed on what her friends and co-star are doing. I can’t wait to see some of their new movies, too. I also can’t wait for them to start filming Breaking Dawn, it’ll be interesting to see how Nessie looks like and especially Bella all vamped up 😀 What did you think of her interviews?

Will you be going to Forks Washington for Stephenie Meyer’s day?

What did you think of Stephenie Meyer’s new fan junket interviews? I have to say that I was like her with the Volturi not looking like I pictures them but it was with Caius. The picks turned out to be really good at the end. I loved Michael as Lucian in Underworld 🙂

Well, should I even ask who the fans will be voting for King of Summer? 😉

What do you think of Carlisle being named Worst Vampire? Could he really be?

Those Hello Kitty Tees are adorable! Will you be getting one? Join us in the discussion!