And The Highest-Paid Authors Are… Twilight‘s Stephenie Meyer and Harry Potter‘s J.K. Rowling made it on the Forbes‘ top 10 list of highest-paid authors, including Stephen King, Danielle Steel, and Nicholas Sparks.

Even though publishers and book sellers are seeing a decline in hard cover sells, e-books show a promising increase in the world of authors as well as highly popular franchises like Twilight and Harry Potter.

Nikki Reed Explains Bella And Rosalie’s ‘Breaking Dawn’ Bond With “Eclipse” about to leave theaters and a sizable gap between the release dates of “Breaking Dawn – Part 1” and “Part 2,” the “Twilight” news seems hard to come by these days — at least until the cast starts filming “Dawn” this fall.

Lucky for us, MTV News caught up with Nikki Reed recently to talk about her upcoming indie film “Last Day of Summer” co-starring DJ Qualls, and, naturally, the conversation veered into “Breaking Dawn” territory. As fans and readers of Stephenie Meyer’s final “Twilight” book know, Reed’s character Rosalie and Kristen Stewart’s Bella form an unexpected bond late in the series. We asked her thoughts on how the relationship between the two women changes in the final two films.


Twilight graphic novel gets an iPad release Fancy some gothic thrills’n’spills on your iPad? No, sorry, the Sisters of Mercy haven’t released an official tablet app. But a little-known vampire series called Twilight Saga has just made its debut on Apple’s device.

Twilight, The Graphic Novel, Volume 1 was already available in a limited Lite version, but now the full thing has touched down on the App Store. It costs £8.99, but for your money you’re getting the whole first instalment of the saga’s graphic novel, as Edward, Bella and company go about their bitey business.

I hope we get to see when Bella and Rosalie talk in the phone while at Isle Esme and when they meet at the airport. It’ll be two films, we have more time, right? And well, we all know that Nikki and Kristen are really good friends, so that’ll help portray a good relation in Breaking Dawn 😉 What did you think of Nikki’s interview?

What do you think of the Twilight Graphic novel for iPad? Do you prefer the physical book?

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