“Twilight” Tatoos Make Stephenie Meyer Cry

In an interview during her recent press junket Stephenie Meyer commented on fans getting Twilight-inspired tattoos.

“The tattoos make me cry. Ten years are gonna pass and your gonna read another book and your tattoo is gonna spread and you’re gonna be really unhappy you did that!”


Kellan Lutz Helping Rebuild in New Orleans

Kellan Lutz and his girlfriend, Annalynne McCord, were in New Orleans last week to help with the ongoing rebuilding effort five years after Hurricane Katrina devastated the city and surrounding area on the Gulf Coast.  Kellan Tweeted several times about helping in the St. Bernard Parish and posted a few pictures on his Twitter account. 



New Still of Kristen Stewart from “Welcome To the Rileys”

MTV has a new, exclusive still of Kristen Stewart from “Welcome To the Rileys”.  Kristen plays Mallory, a runaway teen-turned-stripper in New Orleans in the film.  A grieving father played by James Gandolfini takes her in in an attempt to ease the pain of his own daughter’s death.  In the photo, Mallory is looking at her bruised face in the mirror while Lois Riley (played by Melissa Leo) looks on.

More images at MTV

RV Company Owner Challenges Taylor Lautner To Push-Up Contest

The owner of McMahon’s RV has responded to Taylor Lautner’s lawsuit that was filed after the RV company allegedly failed to deliver a trailer to the set of “Abduction” by the contracted delivery date.  The lawsuit seeks $40,000 in damages for Lautner’s emotional distress.  The owner of the RV company has challenged Lautner to a push-up contest to settle the suit out of court with the proceeds going to Children’s Hospital of Orange County. 


Jackson Rathbone Rocks At Spencer Bell Legacy Concert in Detroit

Jackson Rathbone and his band, 100 Monkeys, recently took part in the Spencer Bell Legacy Concert in Detroit.  The concert is a part of the Spencer Bell Legacy Project, in memory of Rathbone’s friend Spencer Bell.  Bell died in 2006 of adrenal cancer. 


MTV Previews Archie “Twilight” Parody #2

MTV has a preview of the second “Archie & Friends: Twilite” parody that hits comic shop shelves on September 8. It reportedly has a “larger than life” conclusion to the story.


What do you think of Stephenie Meyer’s comments on people tattooing themselves with imagery from her books?  Do you have any Twilight-inspired tattoos?  If not, would you get one? 

Kudos to Kellan for his hard work in New Orleans.  The city and many other towns along the Gulf Coast are still reeling from the devastation that Hurricane Katrina brought ashore.  It’s heartwarming to know that their needs are still being acknowledged by so many five years after the storm.  It will take many more years to restore that region. 

I am really looking forward to seeing “Welcome To the Rileys”.  I love James Gandolfini and it will be interesting to see Kristen in a different role. 

What do you think of the Taylor Lautner RV lawsuit/push-up challenge?  In all honesty, I wonder if Taylor even knew about the suit being filed before it went viral over the Internet.  It’s not uncommon for managers for actors and musicians to file such complaints without their clients being aware due to the Power of Attorney that they’ve been granted.  With that said, I love the owner’s response and willingness to donate the money to the children’s hospital if he loses!

What do you think of the Archie comic parody? Have you purchased the first one yet? 

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